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Monday, September 27, 2010

We've said it before and we'll say it again. The message is important enough to bear repeating, especially as the fall shopping season approaches. Shopping locally is important for the local economy.

Some items cannot be found in Cherokee County, or only in a limited selection, but shopping out of the county only increases the problem as local merchants cannot stock a sufficient selection when there is not sufficient demand. Sometimes customers can get what they want by talking to a local merchant.

Local business people often hope for bad winter weather on the weekends close to Christmas, because that's when people stay in town to do their shopping. Even if the merchandise is a few bucks cheaper in a metropolitan area, the travel cost usually negates whatever savings there are.

People may enjoy a shopping trip to the city, but such recreational considerations must be balanced against the damage done to people struggling to make a living and the damage to our tax base. When the tax base declines, either public services decline or the remaining taxpayers have to pay more.

When an auction is held for some local charity, the local merchants are asked to contribute. When students seek ads for their yearbook or donations for the many special events throughout the year, they don't go to Sioux City businesses for such help. When you shop in Sioux City you pay one-cent sales tax that goes exclusively for city and county government there instead of here, as well as one cent for Woodbury County school districts, a tax that is not in place in Cherokee.

This fall season give your fellow local citizens and taxpayers the gift of support they need and deserve.