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Trees are focus of Marcus City Council meeting

Thursday, October 14, 2010

MARCUS - The Marcus City Council met for a short meeting Monday night, with Steve Gettner approaching the Council addressing a couple of issues. Gettner serves on the Marcus Community Center Board. Since the Center has been updated, it has been kept busy with events that have turned out some good numbers. Consequently, parking for senior citizens has been difficult as there has been no designated parking for handicap parking.

Gettner has noticed that many elderly folks with walkers or chairs have a hard time getting into the event while younger folks are parked right outside the door.

The Council discussed the issue as during the day, no such parking spaces would be required. The conversation settled on trying two handicap parking spaces, with a third space for unloading people who would have difficulty in walking longer distances. They will come up with a portable handicap sign and unloading sign put out prior to an event.

Gettner also asked for the council to consider allowing the Marcus Jaycees to hold a street dance on the Friday night of the 75th Marcus Fair in 2011. The Jaycees would prefer holding the event on North Main from the middle of the block down to JB's Bar. They are also making arrangements for insurance going through JB's. A final decision will be reached when all the plans have been completed.

The Council is still working on a tree ordinance trying to take in account the beauty of trees verses safety. Some issues the Council is dealing with is to stop the planting of any trees in the parking area ( the space between the street and the sidewalk) on corner lots, as they interfere with vision of traffic. All other trees planted in parking will be in a line midway between the sidewalk and the curb. If no sidewalk exists there, the trees will be planted on a line six feet from property line or midway between the property line and existing curb of the street. If no curb exists, trees shall be planted on a line seven feet from the property line.

Another idea is to not plant trees on the parking if it is less than nine feet in width or contains less than 81 square feet of exposed soil surface per tree. The council is thinking it would be a good idea to plant trees inside the property lines with a setback of six feet. One will need to seek approval for planting trees in the parking by giving your name, legal description and address, type of tree, and proposed location of the tree in reference to curb line, lot lines and intersections.

Another idea is to eliminate any fruit bearing tree, cottonwood, cotton bearing, poplar, box elder, Chinese elm or evergreens in the parking areas.

Property owners need to keep their trees trimmed so that all branches will be at least 15 feet above the surface of the street and eight feet above sidewalks. If property owners fail to do this, the City may serve notice requiring them to do so within seven days. If the owner fails to take action, the City will hire someone to do the trimming and assess the costs against the property for collection in the same manner as property tax.

The city will also have the right to ask property owners to remove any dead or disease ridden trees.

Street trees need to be planted no less than 10 feet from any overhead utility wire or within five feet of any underground water line, sewer or transmission line of other utilities. The Council will roam through the town visually checking these proposals before passing the final adoption of the tree ordinance.

The Council was advised by Mayor Darrel Downs that the east blacktop street coming into town had to be torn up and reverted back to gravel. It was either a law suit coming or reverting back to a gravel road. He noted the many farm wagons were helping with the packing of the road. A booklet was handed to each Council Member with an updated listing of lots to be sold, lots sold, and their amounts in both the Business Park addition and the Country View home addition.

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