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Original Thanksgiving recipes

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kelly Pitts, second grade teacher at Cherokee Roosevelt Elementary School would shares her class' "original" recipes for the Thanksgiving turkey. Prepare with caution.

I get my turkey at the store. My mom puts it in the sink and puts hot water on it. Put it in the oven. The temperature is 50 degrees hot. My mom puts it in the oven from morning and took it out at noon. I would have apple sauce and chocolate pie and stuffing.

Elizabeth Ellis

I would get a turkey at the store. I would get it ready with washing it. I would put it in the oven. My temperature would be 60 degrees. It needs to be about 10 minutes. We will have pies and fruit and vegetables.


I think we shot it. We would skin it. My Grandma would put it in the oven. I think we set turkey for 70 degrees. I think we cook it for 5 hours. We would eat corn and pie and bread.

Jared Woltman

My uncle would shoot it. We would cut the eyes out and the feathers. 2.8 minutes for the turkey and the degrees 7.1 and 2 hours. We would have pie, potatoes, and milk.

Jaden Frazier

I will get my turkey from my Grandpa's farm. We would chop it's head off and catch it and bring it to town. We would put it in the oven. We would put the temperature for 80 degrees. It will take lunch to supper to cook it. My family will have mashed potatoes.

Justine Spooner

I will get the turkey at a store. I will set the timer. I will put it in the oven and set it to 71 degrees F and set it to 61 hours. We will have corn, stuffing, pies, turkey, and cherry pies.

Emily Reed

We would probably get the turkey from my uncle. We would cook it in the oven. We would cook the turkey

I would kill the turkey and eat the turkey on Thanksgiving dinner. I would cook the turkey for 50 minutes. How hot is it? 81 degrees. We would have a feast. We would jello and dessert.

Kaden Shear

You put it in for 100 degrees or more and you could get the turkey at Hy-Vee or the grocery store. It also needs to be cooled down for your kids and you could also have stuffing. The turkey has to be timed also. It has to be timed for 100 minutes.

Kiersten Carlson

I will get my turkey from the store. My grandma will help me cook it in the oven. The temperature will be 100 degrees. It will be cooked 10 minutes. Then I would get the potatoes ready for the Thanksgiving feast. I love Thanksgiving.

Jacob Kohn

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