Class of '65 walks the walk

Monday, November 29, 2010

We stand and applaud the members of the Cherokee Washington High School Class of 1965 for their recent announcement of creating a significant, annual scholarship for a graduating WHS senior who meets the described criteria.

Members of that memorable WHS class have set up a "WHS Class of '65 Gives Back Scholarship" for a qualifying Cherokee senior to be used toward post secondary education.

The class of '65 feels that Cherokee was a wonderful place to grow up, and that they received one of the best educations possible. They believe in the students who attend WHS and want to pass on what WHS did for them.

This new educational scholarship will be available for the graduates beginning May, 2011. The amount may vary annually and is expected to be a minimum of $2,000. The class would like to help a student who would not be able to further their career goals because of financial and other extenuating limitations or circumstances.

Interested students can contact Deb Hankens, counselor at WHS for an application. Selected students will have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the scholarship.

Most importantly, the Class of '65 takes another step in this wonderful gift by encouraging other WHS graduating classes to establish their own scholarships.

We hope other WHS classes heed this call to create similar scholarships to benefit worthy WHS graduates, and therefore, their families, the school District, and the entire community!

And wouldn't it be great if other school districts have former classes that pick up on this idea and follow through with their own scholarships so that deserving, dedicated students can better further their educations and then make value-added contributions throughout society?

With their own lives to live, jobs to perform, personal obstacles to cope with, and families to provide for, it is incredibly heart-warming that members of the Class of '65 - 45 years later! - not only pause to reflect on their cherished days in Cherokee, but have the spirit and conviction as a team to act on those thoughts to the benefit of us all.


Absolutely beautiful.