Springers do well in Welcome

Monday, December 20, 2010
Springers Emeralds - Back row: Alicia Turnquist, Ashley Schimmer, Jocelyn Johnson, Tiernan Kolpin. Middle Row Claire Blomberg. Front row: Rowan Kolpin, and Megan Brown. Photo contributed

The Storm Lake Springers Gymnastics Teams started their season out with a bang on Saturday Dec. 4, at a meet in Welcome, Minnesota. Springers Sapphires scored 115.4 points, taking 1st place in the upper division, and Springers Emeralds scored 98.8, taking 2nd place in the lower division. Both teams are part of the M.A.G.A. (Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association). Coaches Mike and Marcia Ready felt the teams did a "good job. It was a great way to start the season, with good routines and skill performed by all."

Springers results:

Novice 9 and under:

Megan Brown - on vault, scored 7.1 (1st place); on bars, scored 5.7 (1st place); on beam,scored 5.7 (1st place); on floor, scored 5.0 (2nd place), and All-around scored 23.5 (1st place).

Children 10 and 11:

Jocelyn Johnson - on vault, scored 6.95 (2nd place); on bars, scored 4.7 (3rd place); beam, scored 5.0 (5th place); floor, scored 5.8 (2nd place); and All-around, scored 22.45 (2nd place).

Alicia Turnquist on vault scored 7.2 (1st place), Bars scored 5.9 (1st place), Beam Scored 4.3 (5th place), Floor scored 5.5(3rd place), and All-around scored 21.8(2nd place).

Rowan Kolpin - on vault, scored 6.8 (2nd place); Bars, scored 4.8 (2nd place); Beam, scored 4.3 (5th place); Floor, scored 5.15 (4th place); and All-around, scored 22.15 (1st place).

Junior 12 and 13:

Claire Blomberg - on vault, scored 7.150 (3rd place); Bars, scored 3.0 (7th place), Beam, scored 5.6(8th place); Floor, scored 6.15(4th place); and All-around, scored 22.5(2nd place).

Springers Sapphires - Left to right: Kirah Kolpin, Sydney Kay, Emma Degner, Caitlyn Moens, Taylor Zurek, Brielle Kolpin, Kylie Mongan, Annika Patton. Photo contributed

Tiernan Kolpin - on vault, scored 7.75 (1st place); Bars, scored 5.9 (1st place); Beam, scored 7.2 (1st place); Floor, scored 6.35 (2nd place), and All-around, scored 27.2 (1st place).

Novice 9 and under:

Kirah Kolpin - on vault, scored 5.4 (3rd place); Bars, scored 2.2 (5th place); Beam, Scored 2.3 (5th place); Floor, scored 2.5 (5th place); and All-around, scored 12.4 (5th place).

Children 10 and 11:

Emma Degner - on vault, scored 6.8 (3rd place); Bars, scored 4.7 (5th place); Beam, Scored 6.3 (3rd place); Floor, scored 6.1(3rd place); and All-around, scored 23.9 (5th place).

Annika Patton- on vault, scored 8.1 (1st place); Bars, scored 4.2 (6th place); Beam, scored 5.7 (4th place); Floor, scored 7.3 (2nd place); and All-around, scored 25.3 (3rd place).

Kylie Mongan - on vault, scored 7.6 (2nd place); Bars, scored 6.3 (1st place); Beam , scored 6.0 (1st place); Floor, scored 6.95 (3rd place); and All-around, scored 26.85 (1st place).

Junior 12 and 13:

Sydney Kay - on vault, scored 8.5 (2nd place); Bars, scored 6.3 (2nd place); Beam, scored 5.5 (7th place); Floor, scored 7.5 (5th place); and All-around, scored 27.8 (4th place).

Brielle Kolpin - on vault, scored 8.7 (1st place); Bars, scored 6.6 (1st place); Beam, scored 8.3 (1st place); Floor, scored 8.25 (1st place); and All-around, scored 31.85 (1st place).

Senior 14 and above:

Caitlyn Moens - on vault, scored 7.6 (3rd place); Bars, scored 4.4 (4th place); Beam, scored 5.1 (2nd place); Floor, scored 5.75 (5th place); and All-around, scored 22.85 (4th place).

Taylor Zurek - on vault, scored 8.5 (1st place); Bars, scored 6.0 (2nd place); Beam, scored 5.8 (1st place); Floor, scored 6.0 (4th place); and All-around, scored 26.3 (2nd place).

The Springers' next meet was Sunday Dec. 19, in Winona, Minnesota.

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