The Greatest Gift

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas season is known more for its giving than any other,

When retail stores report sales are at their very prime.

Be it for friends, spouse, [parents, sisters or brothers,

and folks receive more greetings than at any other time.

There are those who can relax and enjoy the season for its reason,

While others are at a hectic pace to just keep up;

Parties, shopping, etc., hoping to get everything done,

If energy could be poured, hey must refill their cups.

When one stops to think about it, it could become a burden,

Though the first Christmas never intended for it to be that way;

Our savior was born in a lowly manger way back then,

Every year since we have celebrated it n a special day.

We attend programs in our schools and churches,

Listen to the Christmas story in word, action and song;

Recalling the stars that shone and the angels chorus

Singing "joy to the world" at His birth that first Christmas morn.

Gifts were brought by the wise men to their newborn King,

Showing each in their own way their love for Him;

And thanking God for bringing them the greatest gift that He could bring,

Meaning Peace on Earth and goodwill to all mankind.

This Christmas message has never changed; it's still he same today,

God's gift of love is one given to you and me;

It's free and cannot be bought, accept it in your own special way.

Remembering the greatest gift is in your heart, and cannot be found under a Christmas tree/

A Merry Christmas to you all.