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What Santa does AFTER Christmas

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Santa's Workshop if Rock' in on Christmas Eve

By Lauren Shea

Santa is rock'in on Christmas Eve because you can hear music coming from the outside of Santa's workshop. The elves hear the music coming from a house close to their workshop. Then Mrs. Claus and Santa go to the house with the music close by. They knocked on the door to tell them to turn off the music. They needed to focus on their work instead of dancing around in the workshop. They were being distracted from the music. "Are you Mr. and Mrs. Claus?" asked the man. "Yes, we are." Said Santa. The man said that he would turn off the music so the elves could work. Then Santa went back to his workshop and the elves got to work again. The elves weren't dancing or singing.

Then Christmas was going to be late if they didn't work. Suddenly, they here this loud sound again. It is music coming outside again. Santa came in again and told them to get busy. They ignored the music and got busy.

Santa goes outside again and sees the reindeer are sick. Santa said to himself, "What am I going to do ?" He calls the vet so they could get better before Christmas. The vet said, "I'll be there as soon as I can." The vet comes and looks at the reindeer. The vet said the reindeer need Christmas music. Santa goes to his neighbor and asks him to turn up the music again. Suddenly, the reindeer start to feel better and the elves start rock' in. This time they continue to work and dance at the same time. Santa said thank you to the vet. "Santa, Santa, where did the music come from?" the elf asked. "It came from our neighbors," said Santa. Santa said to go to work and dance away.

What Santa Does When It's Not Christmas

By James Joines

"O.k., class," my teacher said. "We are going to be doing a report on what does Santa do after Christmas." The kids were excited to find out what Santa did when he wasn't delivering presents. After Christmas Eve Santa comes home and puts the reindeer in their stales. Then he goes into his house and eats warm soup. After he eats the soup he puts n his pajamas he goes to bed. The elves continue to make presents for the next year. After Santa takes his nap he will work with the elves. He keeps an eye on them so the right toys. He also spends time with the reindeer. He has to feed them. He lets them fly around the North Pole. He puts the reindeer back into the stales. He will continue to check his list all year to see who is bad and who is good. He will read the letters from the kids to see what they want. I took back this note that told about Santa. The teacher liked what Santa did after Christmas.

Santa's Busy Day

By Madison Renken

After Christmas Santa starts to make toys again for next Christmas. One day Santa got a letter. The letter read:

Dear Snta,

I would like to take a summer vacation at the North Pole.


Susie Row

Santa thought that he would put on a big shoe for her. Santa and the elves made the stage. Mrs. Claus made cookies and hot coco. The reindeer delivered the wood and three of Santa's elves made chairs. When everything was finished Santa said, "We will now get the guess house ready." The next day Susie came to visit the North Pole. When Susie went to the North Pole her family didn't want to go. They thought it was just for Susie so they just stayed home. When Susie got there Santa asked, "Where is your family?" Susie said that they thought the show was only for her. Then Santa told Dasher, the reindeer to go get Susie's family. Dasher flew in the sky to Susie's house and got the rest of her family. When they all got back to the North Pole Santa started the show. Susie and her family liked the show. The next day Susie and her family went home. That was the best vacation Susie ever had. When they left the North Pole Santa started to make toys for next Christmas.

The Biggest Christmas Tree

By Hayden Bomar

"Today is Christmas!" said dad. "Let's go on a car ride." Said Dad. So we all got into the car and decided to go to the store. When they came back they saw a big tree with lights. Then Charlie, a boy in the family said, "There is a big tree with lights." They stopped the car and put the tree in there care. Charlie asked if they could go home. They put the tree up in their living room. It was the biggest Christmas Tree ever. After they put up the tree Santa came and they got presents. Charlie asked, "Can I open my presents?" Dad said "Yes!" Charlie got a P.S.P. It was a good Christmas.

A Present For Santa

By Katie Claussen

It was Christmas Eve and some of the kids came to Santa's house. The kids fixed up Santa's sleigh. The kids fed the reindeer and put a present for the elves by their beds. They left a present for Mrs. Claus too. They also left present for the reindeer. Santa woke up and tripped on the presents they left. Then the elves woke up and found their presents. The reindeer and Mrs. Claus woke up and found their presents. They all took their presents and unwrapped them. They were excited to have such wonderful gifts. The kids jumped out and surprised them. They said, "Merry Christmas, Santa!" We wanted to give you some gifts because you are always so good to us. Santa took them all home in his sleigh and thanked them for the gifts.


By Kyle Carey

Santa has reindeer that flies in the ski and fills his sleigh. The elves and Mrs. Claus helps Santa get ready for Christmas. They are busy all year round getting ready for the next Christmas. Santa will spend his time eating cookies so he can be fat for Christmas. He'll also eat a lot of turkey too. After Christmas is over Santa will take everyone on a vacation.

Christmas Eve

By Kayden Waldner

The day before Christmas the elves woke up and went downstairs. Santa was eating breakfast. The elves looked at Santa. Santa asked, "Little elves do you want some breakfast too?" "Yes, we would like some breakfast," said the elves. So Santa got the elves some breakfast. After that he went to the nine stalls were he kept his reindeer. He always had to feed them. After he fed them he took them for flying practice. After flying practice the elves and Santa took a nap. They had to get ready for the big night. After that the reindeer took a nap too then they went to get ready to deliver presents to the good boys and girls. Then Santa heard Mrs. Claus. She was sick. Santa put her in bed and said, "I will be right back." Santa had to go get some medicine for Mrs. Claus. After she took the medicine she felt a little better. Santa said, "I have to go deliver presents. I will be right back." Santa went to deliver presents and the elves stayed and watched Mrs. Claus. Santa went to over one thousand houses that night. Santa came back in twelve hours. Mrs. Claus was better before he came inside he put the reindeer in their stales. Then Santa went to bed. Santa will spend the rest of the year preparing for the next Christmas.

Santa and Rudolph

By Treyton Johnson

Once upon a time after Christmas Santa was making toys like video games, Xbox 360. He was also making PS3 and fake gold. He had forgotten that Rudolph was still on a house. He was worried. He had to figure out a way to get back to Rudolph. He told the elves to go find Rudolph. The elves were going to try and use their magic but it didn't work. Instead they used Santa's sleigh. They found Rudolph at Dairy Queen eating a blizzard. They took Rudolph back to the North Pole and never lost him again.

Santa's Awesome Trip

By Gavin Bolinger

One time after Christmas Santa said to the elves, "I'm going to take a trip to Antarctica. The elves asked, "Is there snow?" Santa said, "Yes!" The elves cheered but Mrs. Claus wasn't happy for some reason. "I don't want to go." Said Mrs. Claus. "I am tired of the snow." "Why?" asked Santa? "I just don't want to go across the world!" said Mrs. Claus. "O.k., you don't have to go. I could have some elves stay with you." "O.k., we are going to have some fun." The elves and Santa got ready to go to Antarctica. All the elves sat on the reindeer and Santa sat in his sleigh. It was two minute later when one of the elves asked, "Are we there yet?" "No," said Santa. Nine hours later they arrived at the Antarctic. "There is a polar bear and seals. This place is really cool. It's very cold too." "Look to your right there are some people over there," said the elves. "This is an awesome trip!" said another elf. "It sure is ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas my little elves," said Santa. They had a lot of fun on their trip to the Antarctic but it was now time to leave. "When are we leaving?" asked one of the elves. "We are leaving at 7:01" said Santa. "I bet we won't leave at 7:01." Said another elf. "Your right, I'm lying. It's just a joke." Said Santa. After a while they left to go back to the North Pole. When they got home they went to bed. "Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite!" laughed Santa. When they woke up it was Christmas. "Good morning to you!" said, Santa. "Let's go get all the toys made" and so they did. That's what Santa does after Christmas.

Santa Claus

By Abby Sorgdrager

After Christmas Santa has a Christmas party. Then he will go to bed. When he wakes up he will have breakfast and then go feed his reindeer. After that he will go check on his reindeer. He will t hen go to a meeting with all the head holiday leaders such as the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny. The wizard the leader of the meeting said Santa needed a new sleigh. When he lands on the roof the sleigh falls off the house. He also needs a new reindeer too. The Easter Bunny and tooth fairy agree that Santa needed these things.

Santa went to a little area where he kept reindeer that hadn't learned to fly yet. He found a reindeer and named him Rudolph. He asked Rudolph to lead the way to deliver presents because the other lead reindeer was still sick. Rudolph said, "Yes!" Santa called the vet to come and take care of the sick reindeer. He was going to be o.k. Then he went to get his sleigh. He had his top elf make it. It turned out really nice. Then the day before Christmas Santa packed up his sleigh and all lived happily ever after. That is what Santa does after Christmas.

What Santa Does After Christmas

By Zach Driggs

It is after Christmas and all the toys are delivered. Santa is feeling happy because he delivered all his presents. When Santa gets back from delivering presents he watches TV. He's favorite thing to watch is football. When Santa isn't making presents he is practicing football. He plays for the Iowa Hawkeyes. He is their quarterback. He won three games this year. He loves football so that is when Santa does after Christmas.

The Night Before Christmas

By Anna Kay Kading

The night before Christmas was a big day for Santa. Santa and his elves had to make the rest of the toys and load them in the sleigh. After that Santa has to go deliver presents to the kids. This year Santa also made presents for his elves. The elves had worked hard making the toys so he felt they deserved a present too. Santa made these presents for the elves. It was Christmas night and Santa delivered all the presents to the kids. Then he went home and gave presents to his elves. All the elves opened their presents when Santa got home. One elf got a football that he wanted. After the elves opened their presents they had hot chocolate and cookies. Then it was time for bed. When morning came they got up and made toys throughout the year for the next Christmas.

Christmas Eve

By Trevor Curtis

Throughout the whole year Santa spends his time preparing for Christmas Eve.

One Christmas Eve Santa and his reindeer set off to go to everyone's house. When Santa got back from delivering presents his elves were working on toys for the next Christmas.

He went to feed his reindeer some carrots. Then he went to bed. Christmas was over and he had to wake up and get ready for next Christmas.

Next Christmas Santa and his elves packed the presents in the sack. Three of the elves got in his sleigh with him. The first house he went to was a boy named Peyton. He got a skateboard. The next house was a boy names Gavin. He went to his house and slides down the chimney and feels into Gavins' house. He didn't get hurt but he woke up Gavin and his parents. Gavin was the first one down the stairs. He told his parents that Santa was in his house. His parents said, "That's not Santa, son." Santa quickly put presents under the tree and climbed up the chimney quickly. He quickly got in his sleigh and went back to the North Pole. Santa told the elves to start working on the toys for next year.

After Christmas What Does Santa Do?

By Megan Bogar

Santa has lot to do after Christmas. After Christmas Santa will go and feed his reindeer. He will then brush his teeth, shower, and comb his beard. He usually is tired and will go get his pajamas on and go to bed. In the morning, he will feed his reindeer again. Then he will play with his elves in his pajamas. He will invite Mrs. Claus to play too. She always says, "Yes!" and plays with them. After they play they will have a party. When it begins to snow they will start to see what kids are good and bad. Then they will make the toys and start to deliver presents again.

Santa's Amazing Trip

By Nathanael Reusch

One Christmas Santa was delivering presents when he suddenly noticed that he forgot Rudolph. Rudolph was Santa's reindeer. He was suppose to be leading the sleigh. Santa finished his trip and then went back to the North Pole to find Rudolph. Rudolph was back in the barn.

Then Santa asked Rudolph if he wanted to go on a trip to Hawaii. Rudolph was happy to go. On their trip they played volleyball, swam, and had a party. It was really fun. They were at the party for three hours. Then they went back home and had hot chocolate and cookies.

Santa never forgot Rudolph again.

Santa Goes to Hawaii

By Mikey Burkhart

One cold day in the North Pole Santa was sitting in his room reading a book. The book was called, How to Sled Around the World in One Night. As he was reading Mrs. Claus yelled from the kitchen, "Breakfast is ready." Santa got up and put on his reindeer slippers and went to the table. He usually had cookies, donuts, milk, frosted reindeer cookies, and cupcakes. When breakfast is over he get dressed. One day he got dressed and told Mrs. Claus he was going on vacation. He said, "I will be back next year in time for Christmas," "Where should I go on vacation?" Santa asked. "I need to get out of this cold place." He said. "I know, I will take a trip to Hawaii!" The next day Santa hooked up the reindeer to his motorcycle instead of his sled. He always motorcycle instead of his sleigh when he goes on vacation. In three seconds he was in Hawaii. The first thing Santa did was to go jet skiing. Then the kids started to notice it was Santa. He decided to go into disguise. He put on a hoola skirt and started dancing around. The kids looked away because they didn't think it was Santa anymore. He spent the rest of the vacation dancing and jet skiing. Finally, he had to go home and get ready for the next Christmas. So he got on his motorcycle and flew back to the North Pole. That was his trip to Hawaii.


By Aliyah Graybill

One day Santa came to town. He gave me toys, which is really cool. It's the coolest thing in the world. I always play with the toys Santa gives me. One time I got a sled. The next day I went sledding. Sledding is my favorite thing to do. I always make a list after Christmas with the things I want for next year. Santa will spend the rest of the year making toys.

I like Christmas because if you stay up all night then might see Santa. Santa is cool because he will give you anything you want. All year long Santa will be making the toys, eating cookies, and helping the elves. The most important thing about Santa is that he will give presents to all the people who need them. This is what Santa does.

Santa With His Reindeer

By Annalisa Petersen

The elves woke up and went downstairs. Santa was eating breakfast. Santa said to one of his little elves, "Would you like some breakfast too." The elves ate their breakfast. When they were done they all went to get dressed .Santa said, "Today we are going to teach Rudolph and the other reindeers to fly." Mrs. Clause said, "Cool." They went out and practiced with the reindeer all day. Finally the reindeer learned to fly. They worked so hard they got to go play the Wii and Xbox 360. So Santa spends most of his time off training the reindeer.

Who Is Santa?

By Nathan Mallory

Who is Santa? After every Christmas Santa Claus works at Roosevelt School as a janitor. I found this out one time when I was staying with my mom after school. My friend Mikey and I were doing out homework when we saw this man with a big beard. Mikey went up and asked him if he was really Santa Claus. "No!" he said in a deep voice. He sure laughed like Santa. Then we saw him in Ms. Klinker's room making list of names. Then we saw him put on a red coat just like Santa. We knew it was Santa when he left from school in a sleigh. Mikey and I have kept this a secret but we know Santa is a janitor at our school.

Santa's Hard Christmas

By Bryce Kremer

One Christmas night Santa was getting ready to deliver the presents. Suddenly, he couldn't find his coat. He checked his closet and then his coat hanger. Finally, he noticed it was on him. Then he went to deliver all the presents to every boy or girl. When he went to deliver the presents he realized he forgot the present sack. Then he saw that Rudolph had got off the sled and was eating all the cookies. He went to see if all the reindeer were there. He had too the reindeer and started off to deliver all the presents. He took off when it was morning so that year Santa didn't get to deliver the presents. He promised next year he'd deliver all the presents.

Santa, The Movie Star

By Justus Reichert

Hello, my name is Justus Reichert and this is what I think Santa does after Christmas. I think Santa gets home on Christmas morning and eats some breakfast. He eats bacon, eggs, and toast. After breakfast he goes to his private movie star practice. One time he was going to be in a movie about Easter. Santa had to be the Easter bunny in the movie because his friend the Easter Bunny broke his leg hopping. The Easter bunny asked Santa to do his part for him. Santa said, "Sure!" Santa didn't know how to be a Easter bunny. He thought and he thought until finally he said, "I got it! I'll go to Bunnyville and ask Lord Bunny Tail for some advice," He went to Bunnywille and asked Lord Bunny Tail for some advice on how to play the Easter Bunny. After that he went back to the North Pole. He did his movie. When the movie was over he slept until the next Christmas. This is what Santa does after Christmas.

Christmas Fun

By Ethan Pruess

All through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Santa was busy putting under the tree. All the kids were asleep when Santa delivers his presents on Christmas Eve. After delivering the presents Santa goes home and sleeps for awhile. Then he goes and gets ready for Christmas again. He will check his list to see who is naughty or nice. Santa will come to town and ask the children what they want for Christmas. They will tell him what to make. All the children will play with the stuff Santa brings. They will have lots of fun and Santa will continue to work for the next Christmas.

Santa, The Movie Star

By Kaysie Johnson

Ever year after Christmas Santa spends his time making movies. This year Santa is going to be in Hawaii shooting a movie. He hopes it is the best film ever. He told his reindeer that after Christmas they would be going to Hawaii. He thought t6he reindeer would say, "Yes," but they didn't want to go. Santa told them that it won't be so cold there and they could have fun. Then the reindeer decided it would be nice to get away from the snow. Santa will pack food for the reindeer and himself. They will take off after Christmas. It will be a good vacation and he'll make the best movie he has ever made.

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