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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding roads: Moral character, common sense lacking

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I think 2010 has been a fairly good year. At least we weren't always running to doctor offices, leaving us time to enjoy life. I'm not a pill taker, nor do I like having to go to the doctor's office, but in order to get prescriptions renewed, it is a must. I always dread wondering how my blood panel comes out.

Well, this year I was delighted. The tests were right on the mark. When asked how many times I check my blood sugar, I asked if I should lie or tell the truth. I 'fessed up that I had never taken it once. I just go by how I feel and what I eat. After a while, it becomes ingrained what and how much before you start getting off the wagon. Both my sugar and cholesterol levels are good.

So hoping I'm good enough to get around without dropping dead suddenly (this we absolutely never know), I'm up for playing cards and maybe getting to a few places.

I heard reports that some of you have missed my writings, but after today, perhaps no more. What I'd like to share with you is how 95 percent of the politicians are basically disingenuous as they put on a false front to get where they want to go. From early on, I always felt and believed that Franklin Roosevelt did much for this country. I recently finished a new book on Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor which is quite disturbing, though. The book gave insight on what the very, very wealthy do and think to keep the wealth in a few families' hands, and how his commune fought each other and yet supported each other to stay in control.

As I was reading, I couldn't help but draw some parallels from more recent happenings in this country. It is alarming.

I read a letter to the editor which made some sense. Simply put, in a capitalistic society, one will have an upper class, a middle class, and a poor class. It is the poor that makes the rich, rich. It will always be so, unless we become a socialist society.

I was certain that Franklin Roosevelt was an honorable man, but in many ways he acted more like an animal as he wanted his personal needs cared for, according to this book, and his moral character was seriously lacking.

Politicians have personal agendas, and they can twist facts or tell half-truths to get their point across. Many should rot away to their damnation as they seek their personal glory.

Did some of you notice the news report that once one is elected to a national office, they are forever getting insurance coverage? I could hardly believe that one, as congressional seat terms are for just two years. Therefore, if you are there only one term or just two, you earned free coverage. That absolutely stinks! Former presidents get free postage and some use it into the thousands of dollars. I don't think this is necessary. There are many perks that these elected officials could go without, and reduce the nation's debt. Every day the debt sink hole we are into keeps enlarging.

Then there is the matter of funds being set aside for projects such as roads and bridges that never have been used. Why? There may have been a simple mistake in designating them, so there the money sits in the treasury while no one addresses what needs to be corrected, so that the money goes forth to do what it was designated to do. Some funds have been sitting idle for 10-20 years or more. Probably the estimates are way too low now, as costs have elevated. That's the wonderful execution of our government.

These elected officials don't seem to think they should watch these budgets as they tell you and I to watch our money. Paychecks and perks, as well as number of federal employees, could be reduced to assist our debt load.

Oh yes, $5/gallon gas will probably come with summer vacations this year. The problems just never cease.