Honk if you liked it

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kudos all around to the cast and directors of the Cherokee Community Theater's youth production of "Honk Jr.," the story of "The Ugly Duckling" that was staged for three performances last weekend in the Cherokee Community Center.

Thanks to the efforts of Director Sherry Held, many adult CCT volunteers, and a delightful cast of Cherokee elementary students, "Honk Jr." regaled the large crowds at each performance and left many humming the several sprightly songs telling this priceless tale.

"Honk Jr." is a contemporary musical re-telling of Hans Christian Anderson's classic story, "The Ugly Duckling."

The entire cast was superb throughout, but the lead roles doing much of the heavy lifting must be recognized for their outstanding performances, as the actors delivered the play flawlessly - strong testimony to the many rehearsals and the cast's and director's dedication to the cause.

Blake Halverson as Ugly and Libby Peterson as his mother Ida were among the brightest lights in this dazzling performance, as were Isaac La Fleur as poppa Drake and Olivia Dagel as the Cat.

Many others stepped up with great performances as ducklings, geese, frogs and froglets, swans, dancers, and vocalists.

Along with "Farm Director" Sherry Held, among the other adults who devoted many hours to this production behind the scenes included Wayne Morris, sound and lights; Christi Sayler and Cheryl Ellis, choreography and lights; Joe Vanatta, scenery; Ellis, Penny Pingrey, Janet Brown, painting; Dr. Tim and Julie DeStigter, and Marv Frey, props; and Cara Jacobsen, Susan Jensen, and several other stage mothers.

The play was just one hour long, but thanks to the quality and wonderful timing of the cast and directors, the time flew by like...well, like a duck in flight.

Well done, one and all!