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Winding Roads: Budget and political woes

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I know many of you may think I've loss it in my old age, but if I had the power I would make budget cuts differently from many who sit in the chairs to get the job done.

For instance, If a city budget lacked money for supporting a symphony, estimated around $50,000 short, I would ask each member of the symphony to approve cutting their wage 20 percent and then make some phone calls to well-known supporters of this activity to donate money designated expressly for that purpose. The same would be true for the band members who play for summer concerts. We truly do enjoy many of those summer concerts and believe there is value in keeping that tradition alive. It is a wonderful relaxing environment and a great tradition for families. Many area musicians have participated in that activity.

At state level, many preschools were started to assist those age four and over needing fine tuning of social skills prior to entering kindergarten so they can be successful. It wasn't just blanket coverage that each student had to have. Many mothers have it convenient to enter their children in such a program whether or not their child needed such a program. It has grown enormously in numbers across the state and increased the number of instructors. For some, it is a blessing to have, but not all need it. I think our governor has a good idea for some parents to pick up the responsibility for financing it. Districts are having a difficult time making ends meet.

At the national level, pray tell me why we would still send money to help Egypt? If what's his face left with $70 billion in his personal coffers, I'd say that country needs to take care of their own. One young spokesperson for the democracy movement said they want to be left to do their own thing. I say, very good. There are many countries we support every year. I say, lets review to whom, why and how much. Maybe then, there would be plenty of money to take care of some of our own population. Either I'm very ignorant and too many of us are just allowing our elected officials to play God at our expense. How long can we keep supporting the whole world?

Did you see the report on those 33 miners from Chile? It was the other side of the story with their desperate need for food and if someone died, they were going to eat that body for food. Some were ready to commit suicide. Now many are lacking support for medical services. Some can't sleep and many have nightmares reliving what they went through. The government has turned their back on them when they are out of their national spotlight. What a tragedy!

Our politicians need to get real and forget about playing political party games. It is thoroughly so disgusting!