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RV thespians present spring comedy

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friends forever - RV's 'Sealed in Spit' is launched in this flashback scene with childhood friends Billy (Josh Pansegrau,) Bubba (Jimmy Cockburn,) Davy (Chris Witt) and Jerry (Jordan Droegmiller.)down at the old fishing hole.
CORRECTIONVILLE - With the signs of the season now well in place, the orators of the River Valley Speech and Drama Club have once again taken to the boards to present their annual spring production.

This year, the talented RV thespians will be hitting the mark and taking their audience on a whirlwind spin with a comedic roller coaster ride called "Sealed in Spit."

The story is launched when rich, successful entrepreneur Billy, (whose checkbook balance numbers are surpassed only by those found in his little black book) decides to help his childhood friend Bubba escape his bachelorhood days.

To obtain this end, Billy approaches a matchmaking company owned by sisters Lesley, Sara, and Matti and offers them big bucks if they can successfully find the perfect partner for his pal within a week.

This windfall could be just the ticket needed by the girls' struggling business. After all, because of a computer glitch, they have been less than successful in the matchmaking racket lately.

However, when they take Billy's deal, they soon find out that their windfall is more like a Tennessee tornado when Bubba arrives.

The girls rapidly discover that Bubba is a rampaging red-necked, hillbilly hickster who would make Gomer Pyle look like Cary Grant.

The fact that Bubba is a total innocent tyro when it comes to the whole romantic thing also provides a mega stumbling block for the matchmaking trio.

To make matters worse, as the girls set out to find a partner for Bubba, they find themselves under fire by unhappy customers that they have mismatched as a result of the aforementioned computer glitch.

Dealing with these unhappy folks as well as the womanizing Billy and his hillbilly buddy Bubba, not only keeps the matchmakers steppin' and fetchin' but keeps the audience in stitches as well.

The plot for Sealed in Spit has more twists and turns than the Yazoo River and boasts of an ending that will keep you chuckling all the way home.

It's also one of those plays that you wouldn't mind seeing a second time just to discover lines and plot twists you might have missed the first time through.

Sealed in Spit was penned by RV's resident playwright Margaret Witt who also turns in duties as the play's director.

Much of the warmth and down-home humor found in Sealed in Spit undoubtedly found its way to the stage via of Witt's south of the Mason-Dixon line childhood memories in Florida.

One thing is for certain...they provide a charm that will delight and entertain the socks off the audience.

As in past outings, Witt has raided the powerhouse RV speech team to assemble the large cast needed for this outing.

Over 50 young thespians from the RV high school speech and drama club, a couple of members of the eighth grade class, and an avalanche of youngsters from the second grade class will be thundering across the boards on this one.

Before... Near the start of RV's 'Sealed in Spit,' matchmaking sisters Lesley (Kaitlyn Burnham,) Sara (Krystal Askvig) and Maddi (Jessica Fundermann) have their work cut out for them when they attempt to find a partner for Bubba (Blane Cullen.)
Although the entire cast turns in exemplary duties during the production, there are several standouts standing upwind in Sealed in Spit.

Blane Cullen...what more can I say?

This Wolverine is a delight in the guaranteed scene stealing, heel-kicking role of Bubba and will undoubtedly prove to be an audience favorite.

Ethan Brown as Bubba's gazillionaire buddy Billy plays his character to the hilt with just the right ratio of good old boy and conniving businessman.

Kaitlen Birnbaum, Krystal Askvig and Jessica Fundermann are also charmers in their roles as the matchmaking sisters Lesley, Sara and Maddi.

It should be mentioned that much of the delight found in Sealed in Spit is found in the cavalcade of characters, (most of them unhappy customers of the matchmaking business,) who constantly come and go during the production...

You know...like the cop (Parker Stevenson) with his date (Katie Foley) in handcuffs and sportsfan Wes (Chris Witt) and bookworm Sandy (Emilee Droegmiller.)

The curtain will rise on Sealed in Spit at 7 p.m. on both March 25 and 26 in the River Valley High School Auditorium.

A free ice cream social will also be held at intermission, a little perk that will undoubtedly keep your tonsils frozen till the play's end.

And After... They also discover that things aren't always as they seem
So if the reruns on television have left you on the downside of the doldrums lately, treat yourself to a night on the town and discover what happens when Down Home meets Hi-Tech when matters of the heart are concerned.

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