4-H Spotlight

Monday, April 18, 2011

National Volunteer Week.

Last week was National Volunteer Week and adult volunteers play an important role in the 4-H program. Volunteers coordinate local community clubs and help to plan and conduct local, regional, state and national 4-H events.

It is because of the guidance these volunteers give that 4-H youth: Learn by doing, develop leadership and life skills, make new friends, give back to the community, build connections with others, and prepare, do and share.

So to our volunteers:

V aluable is the work you do.

O utstanding is how you always come through.

L oyal, sincere and full of good cheer,

U ntiring in your efforts throughout the year.

N otable are the contributions you make.

T rustworthy in every project you take.

E ager to reach your every goal.

E ffective in the way you fulfill your role.

R eady with a smile like a shining star,

S pecial and wonderful -- that's what you are.

I know there are many, many volunteers who have donated time and talents to our county 4-H program, too many to put names to. I don't want to forget any one. So to the leaders, parents, grandparents, youth council members, fair board members, livestock committee members, and any one else who has helped in any way, WE SAY THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This program would not be possible without you.

See you here next time.