Beware of scams

Monday, June 6, 2011

With spring comes outdoor recreation, green grass, flowers and many other good things. A spring arrival that is definitely not good is the door-to-door scam artist , who preys primarily on elderly homeowners.

Working individually or in groups of two or three, bogus home repair contractors will inform the victim of some condition that needs immediate attention to prevent a more severe problem from developing.

Reputable local contractors do not go door to door soliciting home repair work. Anyone receiving such a solicitation should end the conversation immediately and contact local law enforcement.

If a utility worker or some service provider seems to be from a legitimate company, request a business card. If none is provided or the number is a long-distance number for a company you are unfamiliar with, do not let the person into your house.

For any home repair need that you will have, there are reputable contractors in Cherokee County to do the job.