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35 point differential rule for football

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The 35-point differential rule is in effect for all games played in Iowa, grades 7-12. If there is a 35-point differential at the end of the first half or anytime after, the game will be continued with a running clock. Beginning with the ensuing kick-off when the 35-point differential becomes effective, the following changes, and only these changes, will be made regarding rules determining when the clock will and will not be stopped.

The clock will run continuously except for the following situations when it will be stopped:

(1) Anytime a time-out is charged to a team;

(2) After a score;

(3) Intermission between third and fourth quarter;

(4) Extended injury time-out;

(5) Anytime officials determine it is necessary for safety reasons.

Anytime the score differential gets below 35 points, regular timing procedures will be used. Please keep in mind we play the first half to completion with regular timing. If the differential is 35 points or more at half-time or anytime there is a 35-point differential during the second half, the running clock procedures will be used.

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