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Question of the Week

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mary Goodburn
We asked several county residents the question "How has 9/11 affected you?"

Their answers follow:

Mary Goodburn, Cherokee-"It scared me. It was horrible. We were getting ready to go to the Spencer Fair."

Nancy Brutsman, Cherokee-"I was working in the store when the news broke. so many people died that it seemed unreal that it happened here in the U.S."

Warren Moon, Cherokee-"I heard the news on the Iowa Public radio network while I was at my business. I couldn't believe that someone would launch such an attack against the U.S."

Jan Irwin
Harry Jalas, Sutherland-"I'm more aware of terrorists. We were at the Spencer Fair and everywhere there was a TV or radio, the news focused on that attack."

Mary Sechler, Cherokee-"9/11 was our generation's Pearl Harbor."

Jan Irwin, Cherokee-"I had a sister who worked two blocks from the twin towers. It was a real tough day waiting to hear news about her and praying she was OK."

John Ahlers, Cherokee-"It made me more angry than anything as I heard the news at Tysons. I had hoped they would rebuild the twin towers."

Mike Hunter, Cherokee - "With the banking business, there is much more regulation to deal with but in my personal life, very little change."

Jim Adamson
Craig Wiese, Cherokee- "It was a wake-up call attacking our country. Transportation and especially flying has really changed. With the bank, we have to search through all names that do business here even for just writing a check to make sure their name isn't on a terrorist list."

Wally Miller, Cherokee- "It has heightened awareness necessary for our national security."

Jim Adamson, Cherokee- "It saddened me a great deal."

Tony Puffett, Cherokee -"I've tried not to let it affect me personally. There have been various changes dealing with medications/drugs."

Steve Ebert, Cherokee-"The economy has been greatly affected, which in turn affects business."

Rachel Holmes, Marcus- "Being a mother who has had a son serving his country, I prefer fighting elsewhere than here in our own country. It is better for us being there than here and we best think through how fast it is wise to pull out of there."

Lee Anderson
Mary Roethler, Marcus- "It has made me more cautious and observant of other people and situations than before."

Gina Rassel, Marcus- "After that, I realized that we are vulnerable and not untouchable."

Les Pedersen, Cleghorn- "We have to be more careful about our schools and make sure all of our students are safe. We think more carefully of how we do things with a more transient population."

Rosie Specht, Cleghorn- "We were too trusting as a nation. Traveling on airplanes is more of a challenge for our safety. Packing is not so simple anymore."

Lee Anderson, Cleghorn- "Security is the main issue, whether it's getting through the airports and traveling on planes or just getting around. When the price of oil shot up, everything else has followed."

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