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Galva-Holstein Board Sets Ballot for PPEL Vote

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Galva-Holstein Board of Directors has officially submitted to the Ida County auditor's office a ballot referendum for the continence of the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy.

The referendum will appear on the official September Board Election ballot so as to save on general election costs.

The ballot will ask the voters to approve a continuance of 67 cent levy that is currently in place which is set to expire in 2012. The board wants to stress to the patrons that this will not add any new tax asking to the public since it is already part of the total tax rate at this time.

The Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) is a key component for the overall operation of the Galva-Holstein Community School District. These are the monies that purchase such items as computer labs and security cameras, our more expensive band and concert instruments such as tympani and baritone saxophones, continued growth in the technical equipment in the auditorium for sound, video presentations and lighting as the needs arise, newer transportation equipment such as buses and suburbans, and of course physical repairs that are not always seen but always needed such as boilers, roofs and better parking lots.

Currently the 67 cent voter approved levy is supplemented by the board approved 33 cent levy. The total levy of one dollar does not all come from property tax, the board wanted to emphasis. This levy is supported by income surtax dollars which helps shift the burden away from property owners to all patrons whether they own property or not. Many school districts use this method as a way to keep property tax rates lower and fair. It should be also noted that out of the one dollar of total PPEL rate asking, (.33 board approved and .67 voter approved), that fifty three (53%) does come from income surtax.

"Galva-Holstein should be extremely proud of what they have accomplished with their PPEL dollars in the past," the board noted. "With the advent of Whole Grade Sharing we have many more people using and coming to our facilities. When they attend competitions and we host fine arts events the pride of this district is always on display when we have special guests.

The new and expanded high school locker rooms, the new handicapped accessible bleachers on the home side and expanded bleacher space for our visitors on the outside and retrofitted to be handicapped accessible bleachers in the gymnasium are just a few examples of what PPEL dollars have done for us in the past. Better bus storage facilities and better parking availability for the Rosemary Clausen center for the Performing Arts round out just a few items worth mentioning.

And with the continuance of the PPEL levy we can look into the immediate future with other solid improvements. We will ready the Galva building for better wireless internet connectivity and a new computer lab for the elementary students at that facility this fall. We have approved the purchase of another computer lab for the high school which in turn will make room for more computer time and space for the elementary in Holstein We are taking a phase one look at the remodeling of the high school physics and chemistry labs. We are readying the grounds for installation of a vastly different and improved football score board and track timing system that can display times and places being ordered as we speak for Russ Kraai Field, which is such a notable part of our schools heritage and storied past. And we always try to balance our approach to all disciplines as we look to the possible expansion of the band room as we prepare to welcome almost 103 students to the program next year. Last but not least a remodeling of the Industrial Arts room with better classroom, office and finishing room space is being completed this summer as this program has grown because of Whole Grade Sharing. And yes, even the youngest of our young will have a new pre-school playground facility this fall built just for their safety and enjoyment.

So as you can see, the PPEL dollars touch almost everyone in our communities, young and old, sporting activists and fine art enthusiasts and most of all our students.

All these things were possible and can continue to become possible with your continued support of the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy. As always we thank you for your continued support of your Galva-Holstein Community School District."

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