Getting the straight poop

Monday, October 24, 2011

The amount of dog poop year-around in our parks, greenspace, and ball fields is an embarrassing indictment of this community and its dog lovers.

Yes, pets are wonderful and sublime creatures, and dogs are man's best friend and have the innate ability to totally wrap us around their paws simply be looking at us with those lovable droopy eyes and friendly, wagging tail.

Dogs can protect our families, give vast joy with their interaction with our children and elderly, and serve very useful and valuable purposes as hunting companions, retrieving thrown objects, doing tricks, serving as seeing eyes for the blind, and comforting us at all hours by sleeping at the foot of our beds, or next to the hammock or lawn chair in the back yard.

But dogs also eat and poop and it's their owners' full responsibility to clean up after them in public places and in private yards. BECAUSE DOGS CAN'T! And most dogs would if they could because they're just so darn nice and accomodating.

We know of many thoughtful, considerate dog owners who carry a pooper scooper and plastic grocery bag (they're free!) when they walk their dogs in public places. We know of others who just carry a plastic grocery bag (they're free!) and turn them inside out, scoop up the poop with a protected hand, and continue on their merry way without leaving a smelly, unsanitary, insect-attracting, incriminating, stinking gob of goop.

But there are too many inconsiderate, slob dog owners who watch in oblivion their favorite Fidos of all shapes, sizes, and breeds drop a stinky load in a public place and walk away totally ignoring it like some mission accomplished idiocy.

How dare you and what are you thinking?

At a recent Cherokee School Board meeting, it was noted that many pet owners continue every day to walk their dogs and watch them poop on school property, in the parks, and the many baseball and softball fields in town, and just leave the mess lie and walk away!

Wake up, folks!

Own a dog. Love a dog. Walk a dog. We love dogs. Everybody loves dogs.

But at least have the decency and consideration to clean up their poop and dispose of it properly.

To do anything less is an insult to your friends and neighbors, and to your intelligence, if you had any to begin with.