Library News

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am busy winding up things for 2011 at the Cherokee Public Library. One item on my list is to thank people who have helped out with library services this year.

I will begin with the Friends of the Library. The efforts of Sue Parker, Linda Christensen, Darla Struck, Lisa Sampson and Mary Miller resulted in another successful fundraiser. Thank you very much to all of the individuals and groups who provided baskets and to everyone who purchased one. This year's basket auction proceeds were $2,296 which was a record!

The people who serve on the Board of Trustees also deserve recognition. A special thanks to Jomi Anderson and Jeff Hayes who are finishing their last terms this year. Board members who will continue on past 2012 are Brenda Perrin, Darla Struck, Bill Jentz, Ed Burkhalter, John Chalstrom, Ruth Hayes and Betty Berigan.

The volunteers for our Stories 2000 project are another group I need to thank. The project is in its eleventh year of operation and we are extremely proud of it. Since its beginning we have had adults read aloud to the children who attend the Cherokee County WIC clinic every month and each child goes home with a new book courtesy of funding from the Cherokee County Supervisors. Jolene Schumacher has taken on the task of picking up the orange suitcase packed with books and getting things set up. Other "regulars" are Jean Miller, John O'Connor, Susan Julius, Sue Reinert, Roni Timmerman and Paula Burch. It is very rare for any of them to miss a month, but when they do I have several substitutes I can call. Everyone's contributions are appreciated.

Then there are our patrons. We are grateful for all the donations we receive, everything from extra pencils to large monetary gifts. Pleasant smiles, compliments and a good joke once in a while from people who come in keep us going. So thanks to those who make the library a nice place to work!

The library will be closed Saturday, December 24 -- Monday, December 26 and Monday, January 2, 2012. Happy Holidays!