Perhaps you don't know who I am?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

We don't care who you are or how important you think you are, but there is a segment of society out there that really rocks our boat with their sense of entitlement and holier-than-though attitudes.

All we're speaking of here is a trivial affront, but one that seems to be growing among the poops and nincompoops who reside in our world.

Ever go to a school music or dance concert, or play, or possibly some other extracurricular event and see a section of two or more seats taped off? Or, those same seats possibly marked with coats, scarves or sweaters draped on the backs of the seats, event programs spread in the seats, or even some hand-written signs propped up on the seats by people "marking" their territories hours before the event is to begin?

So, being the nice, friendly people we Iowans are noted for, we retreat and sit somewhere else, thinking those "reserved" seats are for some VIPs, or elderly, or those with health conditions, or, possibly, a grandma and grandpa who drove many miles to see their darling offspring and just couldn't get there any sooner.

But then - THEN - to see able-bodied, smirking fellow parents and their kids plop down in those unofficial "reserved seats" just before the event begins, is enough to make a Bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window.

Who the heck do they think they are?

After witnessing such crap for too many years at music and dance concerts, we spoke with some school administrators and dance organizers, who unequivocally said they do not condone such actions and do not allow such actions, nor would they, unless there were extenuating circumstances such as the elderly, or handicapped, etc.

So, basically, this all boils down to the snooty among us playing their disingenuous VIP card to stick their snooty booties in a seat that is actually meant for the Average Joe who gets there first.

Folks, if you really feel you're that almighty important, bring your gold-plated thrones and sit your hallowed butts right up there on the stage with the rest of the entertainment.

Because, if it wasn't already, you've made that concert a comedy, and you're the biggest joke of the night.