Make spring cleaning a breeze

Thursday, March 15, 2012

As our wonderful early spring weather can attest, spring is just around the corner and experts advise tackling spring cleaning "inside jobs" one at a time to be ahead of the game when the temperatures rise.

Start by making a list of each room in your home and then each task that needs to be completed in that room. Depending on the amount of time you have, select a job you know you'll be able to finish. This way, you'll feel rewarded as you complete each task.

Here are some tools and tips to help get you started:

* Cut Kitchen Clutter

Take an hour or two to restore order in your kitchen. Use an expandable wire mesh organizer to organize your cutlery and serving pieces and expandable drawer dividers to section off your junk drawer. An expandable two-tier shelf helps create additional storage space under your sink utilizing the otherwise dead space around your drain pipe.

* Your Biggest Hang Up

Your closets will look neater if you use just one type of hanger. To maximize closet space, choose slimline hangers that are flocked to hold clothing in place. When you swap your winter clothes out for your spring line-up, turn all of your hangers around so the hook faces out, that way at the end of the year, you'll know which items you haven't worn and can donate.

* An Organizing Shoo-In

Stow shoes you don't wear frequently in labeled plastic boxes on a high shelf or under your bed. For your everyday shoes, use a sturdy shoe and boot organizer for easy access. There are also containers and places to store accessories like scarves, belts, bags, or flip-flops.

* A Bedroom Makeover Starts with The Bed

Since the bed is quite often the biggest décor statement in your bedroom, simply changing your bedding is the easiest way to make over your room. Choose a complete bedding ensemble that comes with a comforter, fitted and top sheet, shams, pillowcases and bed skirt for an easy all-in-one transformation.

Above all, don't procrastinate, even if you start one room or even one drawer at a time, you'll have more time to spend outside in the spring when your inside cleaning is done!