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Friday, June 24, 2016

4-H Spotlight

Friday, May 11, 2012

4-H Clothing Revue

Is the Clothing Revue only for those who know how to sew? No. Can modeling clothes be an educational experience? It can be in 4-H.

Did you know that you can even go to the local thrift store, Goodwill, or shopping at the neighbor's garage sale can lead to an entry in the Clothing Revue. In fact the mere act of getting out of bed and selecting what to wear for the day is a learning experience in 4-H.

On June 25th, Cherokee County 4-H'ers will participate in the 4-H Fashion Revue/Clothing Selection/$15 Clothing Challenge Event. Fashion Revue and Clothing Selection and the $15 Challenge are three separate divisions that allow 4-H'ers the opportunity to not only model clothes, but to also learn life skills. In both divisions, the

4-H'ers are divided into three groups depending on their grade level. Junior 4-H'ers are those who are in 4th -- 6th grade, Intermediate 4-H'ers are those who are in 7th or 8th grade, and Senior 4-H'ers are those who are in grade 9th -12th.

Fashion Revue is an opportunity for 4-H'ers to show off their sewing skills.

4-H'ers model clothing that they have constructed during the past 4-H year. The purpose of the Fashion Revue is for 4-H'ers to gain confidence in modeling their creations.

Clothing Selection is an opportunity for 4-H'ers to show off their shopping skills. 4-H'ers model an outfit that they purchased during the past 4-H year. The purpose of Clothing Selection is to help 4-H'ers develop skills in buying clothing.

The $15 Challenge is returning this year. It challenges participants to search garage sales, consignment stores, Goodwill Stores, Salvation Army stores and others of this type and put together an outfit for $15 or less. Receipts will be required, although they can be handwritten receipts for garage sales.

The $15 Challenge does not include shoes or accessories, although an individual participant may choose to include either or both in the $15 Challenge. Garments purchased at end of season sales at regular retail outlets would not qualify for the $15 Challenge category, but could still be used for Clothing Selection. For this category, an "outfit" is defined as a dress or a two-piece outfit consisting of a top and bottom. So get out those "bargain hunting" skills and start shopping.

There are 6 different areas for judging in the Clothing Revue. The first area, "Learning to Communicate," looks at the goals of the 4-H'er, the knowledge learned, and their confidence level. "Developing Individual Self-Esteem" looks at the grooming, posture, and poise of the 4-H'er. The third area, "Making Decisions about Appearance and Design", examines how and why the 4-H'er made the fabric or clothing choices and how the garment fits the 4-H'er. "Choosing Clothes for Specific Occasions and Purposes" requires the 4-H'er to identify the appropriate occasions for wearing the outfit and accessories. "Identifying Quality Garment Features" asks 4-H'ers about their knowledge of the quality features of the garment and the fiber content. The final area that the 4-H'ers are judged on is "Managing the Get Your Money's Worth." This is where the 4-H'ers are asked about the cost of the garment, including cost per wear and how that cost fits into their budget.

The garments that are used in the Clothing Selection division do not have to be purchased as a new garment. These can come from a garage sale or consignment shop. As long as the piece of clothing is appropriate for your goal.

The 2012 Fashion Revue/Clothing Selection judging is June 25 at the Cherokee County Extension Office. 4-H'ers who competed in the Fashion Revue/Clothing Selection Judging will present a Clothing Style Show on Saturday, July 14 at 1:30 p.m. in the North 4-H Building at the Cherokee County Fair. The winners will be announced then.

If a 4-H'er is interested in participating in the Fashion Revue/Clothing Selection, they must fill out an entry form by June 15. Entry forms are available at the Cherokee County Extension Office. If you have any questions about this event or the 4-H program, be sure to contact Brenda Medick at 225-6196.

See you next time with more great 4-H information. Until then . . .

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