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Spring Lake Park always popular with teens

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yacht Club This is the architect's rendering of the proposed new Yacht Club to be constructed in Koser Spring Lake Park in Cherokee later this year. The new clubhouse is designed to fit the aesthetics of the popular Park. Fund-raising by an all-volunteer committee is underway for the project. Photo contributed
(Editor's note: Cherokee resident Marlene Kelly grasped the spirit of the ongoing Koser Spring Lake Park grass-roots fund-raiser to build a new Yacht Club for family gatherings. She penned a thought-provoking story of her experiences a few weeks ago which ignited memories from her son, Todd, who now lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.)

Our son read the articles about Cherokee's Koser Spring Lake Park and the ongoing fund-raiser to build a new Yacht Club to replace the old, dilapidated, flood-damaged Yacht Club, and felt we should add a couple things.

During the summer of one of his high school years, in the '70s, there were 4th of July celebrations. One of the activities was a homemade raft race. Boy, were they HOMEMADE. Not too many of them would even float! He and his buddies made one and it was so much fun watching them try to get around the designated 'TRACK".

The other memory he wanted to add was ice skating on the frozen lake. Mr. Brutsman (long-time caretaker, the late Harry Brutsman) would have a burning barrel on the sandy beach so kids did not have to remove their skates to warm up. Skating at night in the moonlight was the most fun. It was not always the safest. People would ice fish the night before and leave big holes in the ice. They always seemed to miss falling into the icy water.

Walking from island to island proved to be interesting. The depth of the water was never the same, going from three feet to 10 feet very quickly. (old gravel pit).

The clams NEVER had pearls in them as the kids hoped, and some of the turtles got to be big enough to nibble their toes.

We wish some of you with fond memories of Spring Lake Park would share your stories. The old park, the one you drive through to get to the lake, had a huge slide and a shelter house. Those memories escape my old brain.

Was there more playground equipment and a wading pool for children that was turned into a big sand pile, or is my imagination running away?

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