What 'low' gasoline prices?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We sat back dazed and amazed after recently reading front page headlines from too many major newspapers, including some in our own back yard, trumpeting the "low" or "plummeting" gasoline prices.



At $3.49 per gallon in Cherokee and $3.37 in Sioux City, are those exactly low or plummeting gasoline prices when many us us easily can recall 39-cents per gallon back in the "good old days" not all that long ago?

No, sir.

Ever since the contrived global fuel shortage in the 1970s, we lemmings, spineless governments, greedy oil barons, and vindictive Middle East America haters have combined to push gasoline prices to historic levels that have bankrupted families and businesses, incuding truckers, airlines, auto makers, and the tourism, lodging, dining industries, etc.

And day by day, as Joe Public bought in and began to accept the price- gouging, money grab by the oil companies, gasoline prices continued to climb until they reached or will in the future reach a dibilitating ceiling that satisfies the feeding beast.

In the past few weeks we've watched the prices drop from nearly $4 per gallon to their present rates. And if you think the upcoming November national elections have nothing to do with that, we've got some lunar vacation packages for sale at discount.

The utter helplessnes of the situation - where nobody has our back - is perhaps the most galling element of the gasoline price gouging.

And, as our major media buys into the deceit by publishing such erroneous headlines as "low" and "plummeting" gasoline prices, we become more and more accustomed to such racketeering.

Some experts have said the continuing high gasoline prices are meant to fluff up profits for the oil companies to assist BP in compensating for the aftermath expenses of the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back, and to maybe "rainy day" bankroll any other oil company bretheren who might experience a similar calamity in the future.

In the meantime, the exorbitant gasoline prices daily eat away at all of us common folk, with no end in sight until our legislators stop blaming it all on OPEC and come clean and set down some actual "low" and "plummeting" price parameters to better protect their constituency.