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CAEDC Action Report

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keepers of the local economy

Cherokee County business executives are our favorite people. They provide jobs, capital investment, and quality of life that make our County a great place to live.

Cherokee Area Economic Development is charged with keeping the local economy strong. Part of that effort includes contacting all of our primary employers on an annual basis through the use of the Synchronist software. The purpose of these meetings is to be visible and accessible to primary industry in the Cherokee.

Every year CAEDC spends time visiting with as many business executives as we can. The questions we ask help us better understand the company, its role in the community's economy and its relationship to the community. Sometimes we find a problem that can be fixed. Sometimes we find a company that needs our help. By showing support and making improvements, we make the community a better place for ALL businesses. We gladly do this because we want businesses to thrive here. The well-being and growth of our primary employers is an important part of the economy in Cherokee County. Benefits to the community include jobs, local expenditures and taxes to support community services.

The goal of completing an update on an annual basis is to identify industry trends, gather strategic intelligence, address concerns, identify new opportunities and offer support. During our confidential conversations we learn about the company's product, market, industry, management, workforce, technology, and local services. These topics are not random. These topics were selected because they help us understand risks the company might face. Why do we care? A risk to a local company is a risk to the community's economy: jobs, supplier jobs, payroll, taxes, philanthropy, and much, much more. We want to know in advance to take appropriate action if possible. .

The other insight we gain from the process is context by comparing our local aggregate findings with those of other communities in Iowa and throughout the US. The combination of first-hand knowledge of our business assets and how our community compares gives CAEDC an opportunity to make a meaningful difference with our limited resources. Plus, the alternative -- flying blind -- just isn't worth the risk.