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Prairie Heritage Center to Host Lewis and Clark Re-enactor

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The O'Brien County Conservation Board is pleased to host historical re-enactor Darrel Draper portraying "George Drouillard--Hunter, Interpreter, and Indian Sign-Talker for Lewis Clark," in a unique costumed program at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 7, at the Prairie Heritage Center, 4931 Yellow Avenue. The 45 minute program is free and open to the public.

Drouillard, half French and half Shawnee Indian, is considered by most scholars to be one of the most valuable and remarkable members of the expedition that mapped and explored the American West. In full costume and in French accent, Drouillard will tell the story of his youth among the Shawnee Indians, his recruitment by Lewis and Clark, his contributions to the expedition, and other tales of humor and excitement.

Nebraska historical storyteller Darrel Draper first wrote and re-enacted the Drouillard presentation in 2000 in preparation for the four-year Lewis and Clark Bicentennial celebration. Since then Draper has toured all over the United States. He received a standing ovation for the Drouillard performance in Ohio before an audience that not only included Shawnee Indians, but also best-selling novelist James Alexander Thom author of "Sign-Talker", the biographical novel about Drouillard.

Darrel Draper has been described by audience members as "an awesome and absolutely wonderful performer" who is able to transport listeners back in time to the era of his characters. His humorous delivery, sound research, knowledge of history, and the use of interactive audience participation have delighted audiences of all ages.

Draper's performance is sponsored by the O'Brien County Conservation Board and is made possible with help from a grant from Humanities Iowa.

Also happening at the Prairie Heritage Center in June is a Sky Party.

Get prepared for a Sky Party that you won't want to miss. On Tuesday, June 5, the O'Brien County Conservation Board is hosting a day of playing -- and learning -- about the sky. Participants of all ages will want to take part in this day of fun in the sun ... and stars. Come out to the Prairie Heritage Center at 4931 Yellow Ave.

From 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., youths ages 5-12 are sure to enjoy a daytime opportunity to spend time under the stars in a portable planetarium. Activities will include constellation games and identification as well as learning about our closest star -- the sun.

Participants of all ages are invited to the Prairie Heritage Center beginning at 4 p.m. Stop by at this come-and-go event/display to learn fascinating information about the sun and starts. Then stay for the evening as the Transit of Venus begins at sunset. Watch through special lenses, the once in our lifetime event as the planet Venus moves across the face of the sun.

As the evening progresses, learn some constellation identification through various activities including a portable planetarium. As night falls on the prairie, enjoy the dark skies and try out your new identification skills with a night sky program.

Come and join the Sky Party. For more information and these events, contact the Prairie Heritage Center at 712-295-7200.

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