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Supervisors mull time cards, wages, landfill loan adjustment

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Cherokee County Board of Supervisors met at the Courthouse Tuesday for their weekly meeting.

County Auditor Kris Glienke presented the Board with her concern about timecards for employees in her department being changed without contacting her first. Board Chairman Dean Schmidt agreed that all Department Heads should be notified before changes are made,and that steps would be taken to prevent any such incident in the future.

The Board had a protracted discussion about some of the items in the Employee Handbook regarding the probationary period for new employees, and were in agreement that they should take another look at this item and discuss it further at a future meeting.

The Board also approved the carryover of an employee's compensatory time as requested by Glienke.

Glienke also brought up the fact that the person responsible for cleaning at the Courthouse was going to be on vacation in July, and she was authorized by the Board to try and find a temporary cleaning service that would perform that service during that time period. She will report back to the Board at the next meeting.

Glienke also mentioned the upcoming RAGBRAI stop-over on July 22, and wondered if the Board needed to possibly look at opening the Courthouse at a later time than usual on Monday, July 23 to allow riders to get out of town and also to make it easier for Courthouse workers and visitors to have less traffic with which to negotiate that morning. The Board did not take any action, but will take it under consideration and make a decision next meeting.

Glienke also advised the Board that she had revoked the appointments of Sara Lucas and Jill Titcomb as Deputy Auditors, in accordance with Iowa Code 331.903. Both had served as Deputies during the recent Primary Election.

Barb Staver of the Sheriff's Department presented a wage authorization for the Board's approval. Deputy Sheriff Luke Selk had previously been authorized at a salary of $21.75/hour, but Staver pointed out that his wage while in the probationary period should have been $1/hr. less ($20.75/hour), according to the Union contract. The Board approved the $20.75/hour wage until his probationary period ends.

County Attorney Ryan Kolpin presented a Wage Authorization for Wendy Koch, who has been serving as a Legal Assistant and Collections Representative, from $32.500/year to $42,000/year, effective July 1, 2012. Kolpin recomended the increase based on Koch's education and experience. Koch's services are shared with O'Brien County, and that county will be responsible for approximately half of Koch's salary and benefits, a condition to which Kolpin said O'Brien County has agreed.

Kolpin also informed the Board that the Cherokee County Attorney's Office and the Ida County Attorney's Office will be sharing the services of a college intern this summer, but that this will not involve any County funding, as it is a State-supported program to encourage law students to consider working as a County Attorney in the future.

County Emergency Management Director Ben Shuberg presented a funding request for an Emergency Operation Center at the Law Enforcement Center. Shuberg's request was for "up to $20.000," and he had spoken to the Board on two previous occasions regarding the matter. Supervisor Graybill said he had heard objections to this plan from several taxpayers, and, since Supervisor Simonsen was not present at Tuesday's meeting, the Board decided to table the matter until all the Supervisors were present and they discuss the issue further before responding to the request for funding.

In other business, the Supervisors approved all claims for payment, including - following some discussion - the purchase of 20 "clickers" for employees to use in future interactive training sessions. Human Resources Director Kristi Petersen said she hopes that more employees will choose to become more actively involved in training through this method.

The Board also appropriated the Budget Expenditures for 2012/2013; approved the Cost Allocation Plan for DHS and Targeted Case Management Indirect Cost Recoveries for FY2011; received a report from Landfill Commission member Mark Leeds regarding a recent meeting with Cherokee State Bank.

The bank indicated they would extend the Landfill's loan of $300,000, which was due 6/26/12, for an additional five year period, with a payment schedule to be set up, and they also said they would be willing to make a 90-day $100,000 loan for the Landfill to pay a fee to the Department of Natural Resources, if the County did not have the means to do so. The Supervisors agreed that these loans and fees, which were set up by the previous landfill director, merit further investigation.

The Board also approved permits for fireworks to Brian and Kady Smith; Douglas Alan Brown; Tonya Lynn Claussen; and Barbara J. Staver.

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