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Ride Right RAGBRAI

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cherokee County will be host to RAGBRAI this year. 15,000 bike riders will enter Cherokee County on Highway 143 moving south through Marcus to C-38 then east to Cherokee on July 22 and will depart on July 23 on Hwy 59 south to Linden St. east to S Avenue south to C-43 east to Highway 7 on through Aurelia connecting to M-21 south and C-63 east. Please plan accordingly as you may have a difficult time gaining access to your property, getting in and out of your driveway, crossing or traveling the route road.

Please note that each city (Marcus, Cherokee and Aurelia) will be blocking access to streets as necessary to set up areas for the bikers to stop. Please note that on Highway 59 south the far northbound lane closets to the curb will be cordoned off for bike traffic only from 8 AM on Sunday until 9 AM on Monday.

To follow is a list of things you should be aware of as the 40th annual RAGBRAI passes by your home, property or through your community.

*Should you invite any cyclists onto your property, please be aware that you are liable if someone gets hurt.
*For the safety of your pets and the riders, please keep pets and animals penned or leashed.
*Please keep children away from the road and pathway of RAGBRAI.
*If you plan to sell refreshments (this includes bottled water) or any food item to the cyclists, you need to contact the Cherokee County Emergency Management and Environmental Health Office, Ben Schuberg, (712-225-6721) for a vendor application and the food and beverage laws.
*Keep all water stands, etc., on the right side of the road. The road will not be closed that day and you do not want cyclists to cross oncoming traffic to get to you. Please make sure there is plenty of room for the riders to pull their bike off of the highway.
*Cyclists will not stop at the bottom of a hill for refreshments.
*DO NOT SPRAY RIDERS with water. Many of the riders carry expensive equipment that they may not want to get wet. Do not attempt to hand them things or give a "high five" while they are riding. This can distract riders and could cause an accident.

While this may prove to be an inconvenience, we need to remember that we have an opportunity to be gracious hosts and help these riders enjoy their short time here. Let's work together to show everyone our great "Cherokee County" hospitality.

Thank you for your cooperation from the Cherokee County RAGBRAI Ride Right Committee

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