What a job!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The inner beauty of this wonderful community has never shone as brightly as it has these past few months.

Not to overlook all the incredible strides and accomplishments Cherokee has made through the years, thanks to a caring populace ready and willing to roll up its collective sleeves and answer any and all calls to fruition, but we'd be seriously remiss if we didn't take the time today to single out this year's Spring Lake Park Yacht Club and RAGBRAI XL committees.

In a word... WOW!

Since the first of the year, these two groups, including several citizens who have volunteered to serve on both boards, have plowed through countless hours of meetings, planning, and ingenious brainstorming to tweak and achieve their project goals with aplomb.

And their pay? Nothing more than the satisfaction of stepping up to the starting line and completing the job to the best of their abilities on the way to the finish line to the betterment of their community.

And they all accomplished this while checking their egos and agendas at the door and uniting as a team to achieve the common goal.

The Koser Spring Lake Park Yacht Club comittee grabbed the reins to build a new Yacht Club in the Park after it was learned that the City could not afford to replace the flood-damaged, antiquated, former Yacht Club that's more than 80 years old.

Forming a committee of forward thinkers with incredible skill sets, this group made a plan, followed it religiously, and is well on its way to raising $375,000 to finance the new facility, replete with many extra amenities for the Park.

Undaunted by the massive organizational effort required to host a RAGBRAI overnight featuring more than 20,000 participants, a savvy RAGBRAI Steering Committee possessing those same invaluable traits, put thir heads together, targeted the right people to fill in 17 other RAGBRAI Committees and, together, have pounded out a superbly organized plan that will see the unique global circus come and go without a hitch.

We simply can't say enough good things about the people involved in these two complex projects that will only serve to benefit Cherokee and the entire County.

Our words can never match their deeds.

So, if you see any one of them on the street, or feel moved enough to contact them personally, reach out and thank them from the bottom of your heart.

For they are the very substance of why we live here and why we are so happy and so very proud to call them friends and family.