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2012 Cherokee County General Election FAQs

Thursday, October 4, 2012

*Do I have to live in a Supervisor's district to vote for him or her?

No. Each Supervisor position has a requirement that he or she must live in the district they run for and represent. However, all Supervisor positions are voted upon at large, meaning all registered voters in the County vote for every position. Each precinct in Cherokee County will have all Supervisor races and candidates on it.

*What is "straight party" voting and will it be available on this ballot?

"Straight Party" voting is an option on the ballot to vote for every candidate in the party you choose without having to mark each individual race. However, for non-party or nonpartisan races, judge retention, and public measures, you will still need to mark a vote for that race. If you choose to straight party vote, the races on the back of the ballot are not automatically marked. In that case, you must fill in the ovals completely next to your choices.

*If I straight party vote, then can I vote for a different party in some races?

Yes. If you mark a party in the Straight Party Voting box, then you can mark your vote for any party in any other races you choose. Those that you mark will over ride the straight party vote and count as you've marked them. Those races that are left blank (except those on the back of the ballot) will be counted as a vote for the party you chose in the Straight Party Voting box.

*What can I do if I make a mistake when voting my ballot?

If you make a mistake while voting your ballot at the polling place, tell a precinct election official. The official will take the ballot on which you've made the mistake and have you "spoil" it so it cannot be counted. You will then be given another ballot to vote. Voters may receive up to three ballots. If you have made a mistake on a mailed absentee ballot, then there are directions on what to do in the included instructions.

*How do I know if I'm registered to vote and where do I vote on Election Day?

You can go to the Iowa Secretary of State's website to put in your name and zip code to see if you are registered and where to go to vote. Go to: sos.iowa.gov/elections . You can also call the Auditor's Office at 712-225-6704 or stop by the office at 520 W Main St., Cherokee.

*If I don't want to vote for every race, will my ballot be counted?

Yes. You may choose which races you want to vote for on your ballot. For example, some voters only want to vote for president and vice president. The races and public measures you choose to vote on will be counted and the races you do not vote on will not be counted.

*How do I make sure my write-in counts?

To vote for a write-in candidate, write the candidate's name on the write-in line and fill in the oval completely next to the write-in candidate's name.

*How do I know how many candidates in a race I can vote for?

Each race lists "Vote for no more than" the number of candidates you may vote for. You can vote for less than the number you are given, but not more. If you vote for more, then your vote for that race will not count. Example: "Vote for no more than three", you can vote for zero, 1, 2, or 3 candidates or write-ins, but if you vote for 4, then your vote will not count for that race.

*Do I need my voter registration card to vote at the polls on Election Day?

No. You are not required to produce your voter registration card to vote at the polls on Election Day.

*Do I need to take identification with me to the polls?

Maybe. You are encouraged to always bring identification with you when you vote. You may be asked to show identification if:

- You registered to vote by mail after January 1, 2003, and have never voted in a Primary or General election in Cherokee County

- You have moved from where you are registered to vote

- Your right to vote has been challenged

*-The precinct election officials do not know you

If asked to show identification, you may use a current and valid photo ID or any of the following documents if they show your name and current address: current Utility bill (including cell phone bill), current bank statement, current paycheck or government check, other current government document.

*Is there a benefit to having my photo ID or voter registration card on Election Day?

Yes. During absentee voting and on Election Day, if you have your driver's license, non-driver id, or voter registration card, then you may scan it into our electronic poll system to enable a faster and easier check-in procedure.

*Should I turn off my cell phone when I go in to vote?

Yes. Please make sure you turn off your cell phone, pager, and any other electronic device prior to entering your poll place.

*Can I see a sample ballot before Election Day?

Yes. Cherokee County's website, www.cherokeecountyiowa.com , has sample ballots for all the precincts on the home page. You can also stop by the Auditor's Office to see a copy.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Cherokee County Auditor's office at 712-225-6704 or go to the Iowa Secretary of State's website: sos.iowa.gov.

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