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Seeing double

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cherokee Regional Medical Center physician Dr. Chris VandeLune, along with proud parents Angela and Willis Carver holding their twin sons Greysen and Colten. The twin boys were born at Cherokee Regional Medical Center on Friday, Sept. 21. Photo contributed
Twins born at CRMC

Angela and Willis Carver had the Obstetrics Department doing a double take when they delivered twin boys, Greysen and Colten, on Friday, September 21, 2012, at Cherokee Regional Medical Center. The healthy, full-term twin babies were delivered by Dr. Chris VandeLune performing a Caesarean section with Dr. Tim Rice providing assistance.

"Both Dr. VandeLune and Dr. Rice were fantastic," said proud mother Angela. "In fact the entire OB staff was wonderful. Everyone was very invested in the delivery. The nurses were very helpful and provided great guidance, but were not too overbearing. They allowed us to learn and adjust on our own as well."

The wonderful care they received was welcomed, but did not surprise the Carvers. "Once the initial shock wore off after we found out that we were expecting twins, we were bound and determined to do whatever we could to make sure we delivered the babies in Cherokee. We know almost everyone on the OB staff and we were confident that they, and Dr. VandeLune, would provide quality, personal care," claimed Angela.

An equally proud father, Willis, agreed. "Angela and I were not convinced we would feel the same personal connection in a larger hospital in Sioux City or Omaha. We wanted to deliver at CRMC if at all possible."

Fortunately for the Carvers, the pregnancy went rather smoothly so they did have a few options to available to them as they approached their due date. Rather than having a specialist in Sioux City deliver the babies earlier, Angela opted to go on bed rest to help assure that she could make it to 38 weeks, which is considered to be full term for twins.

The Carver's persistence paid off as Greysen and Colten weighed in at a very healthy 7 pounds, and 6 pounds 15 ounces respectively. Both of the baby boys were 21 inches in length.

"I definitely give credit to Angela for sticking it out and going on bed rest so she could reach full term with the pregnancy." said Dr. Chris VandeLune. "In doing so, the Carvers were blessed with two healthy boys without the complications that can occasionally accompany multiple births that are delivered early."

Now that the delivery is past the Carvers, the fun begins. The boys are fraternal twins so they are not identical but to the normal bystander, they could still be easily confused at this point. However, Willis and Angela are confident that they will not have any issues telling one baby apart from the other.

According to Angela, during the pregnancy, one of the twins known at the time as "Baby A" (Greysen), moved around quite a bit while "Baby B" (Colten) was much more complacent. Now that the twin boys have been born, these personalities are coming through loud and clear.

"So far, Colten is the calmer and more laid back of the two. He always seems to be very content," explained Angela. Greysen on the other hand could give his parents "a run for their money someday" they said jokingly.

"It did not take long to realize that Greysen is definitely the feisty one," said Willis with a bit of grin. "I suppose he takes after me!"

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