Supervisors OK Family Sick Leave Policy

Friday, October 5, 2012

CDL testing now available in Cherokee County

At the weekly meeting Tuesday, the Cherokee County Board of Supervisors approved a Family Sick Leave Policy for all county employees.

The issue was brought to the Board by Human Resources Director Kristi Petersen, who said that the Secondary Roads employees had perviously negotiated such a policy for their Department, and she felt that there should be a policy in place for other county employees to cover their occasional need for time to care for immediate family members.

In other business, GIS/IT Coordinator Lindsay Bressler updated the Supervisors on developments in her department. Bressler said they had successfully upgraded the internet connection at the courthouse , gaining three times faster speed at no extra cost, and with no installation charge. Bressler also said the county's web page has been updated and encouraged the supervisors to check it out. She also reported that the county's old server rack had been purchased by Pocahontas County.

Bressler also advised the Supervisors that the mapping project at Oak Hill Cemetery is finished, that mapping of the infrastructure of the community of Marcus is about 95% done, and should be finished within the next couple of weeks, and that a project for next year will be doing a similar mapping of the City of Cherokee's infrastructure.

Bressler also presented the Supervisors with a summary of all the county-owned property that is insured.

Barb Staver presented the Sheriff's Department quarterly revenue reports for July 1 - September 30, 2012, showing deposits of $61,511.86 for the quarter and withdrawals of $34,560.98, leaving the Department with a balance of $38,643.15. Staver said that a detailed report is a matter of public record and may be obtained by anyone who seeks more information.

Staver is in her 30th year as a Cherokee County employee, and she is one of several county employees who will be celebrated for their dedication and years of service to the county, according to Human Resources Director Kristi Petersen.

Honored employees, in addition to Barb Staver, include John Schwarz and Stacy McGee, who have each worked for 15 years; Dana Evans, Jackie Dierenfield, Kelly Ebel, Kim Dierenfield, Tim Preuss and Joel Anderson, 10 years each; and Lisa Langlitz and Mark Leeds, who have been county employees for five years.

Petersen also singled out County Treasurer Hedgie Brandt and employee Bryan Peterson for their exemplary work in getting things set up so that Cherokee County can be one of the few sites in Iowa at which people can do the driving test for their CDL license. Peterson is now certified to do this testing at Cherokee, and he is working on certification for motorcycle license testing as well.

Anyone who desires to take the CDL test is advised to contact the Treasurer's office at 225-6741 to set up a time for testing.

County Engineer Dave Shanahan appeared before the Board to submit an application from Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative for approval of overhead construction of a single phase line in Tilden Township, sections 12 and 13, and this was approved by the Supervisors.

Marci Brown appeared before the Board as a representative of the Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation to present a resolution authorizing the establishment of property located at 925 Jeffries Street in Cherokee as an Enterprise Zone, for the purpose of purchasing the property and rehabilitating it to provide more energy efficient modern apartments for the same population they (Willowbrook Apartments) are now serving. The resolution was approved and signed by Board Chairman Dean Schmidt.

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