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Brown hopes to bring new perspective to Board

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marci Brown, Democrat, has been a life-long resident of Cherokee County and is current seeking the fifth district seat for the Cherokee County Board of Supervisors.

Marci Brown
Brown lives in Cherokee with her husband Rod and has two grown Children and one grandchild.

She currently works at the Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC) as an Executive Assistant.

Brown is the first person to tell you she has a lot at stake here in Cherokee County and she feels passionate about running for the Board of Supervisors. She wants to make sure that her children stay here and her grandchildren will grow up here and she can help to raise them. That is her goal for all of Cherokee County "If we have everything in place that we need, hopefully that will happen," said Brown.

Brown stated that her reasons for running to be on the Board is that she wanted to do this for years, and now she feels it's her time.

"I was always interested in politics. When I was in high school I got to go to girls state through the American Legion. It was an opportunity to learn about patriotism and politics. Ever since then I always have been interested in politics and was very active as a young Democrat back when they had that. I've been busy raising a family and building a career and now I'm at a point where I'm ready to serve," said Brown.

She sees one of biggest challenges facing Cherokee County is aging infrastructure. "We have to make sure when we're spending our money that we are taking care of things for the future and not just putting bandaids on things. I think the Board is doing a good job but the way the state has thing set up, there are a lot of barriers that you have to get past there because everything is so costly.

"Every time you replace a bridge or repair or replace a road it's kind of like a triage. So I want to make sure we've addressing those problems and evaluating them and making sure we ask if we still need what we need. Maybe we can eliminate some things and put something better in over here just to give everything that thoughtful consideration rather than to do just the status quo," added Brown.

Brown was asked what would be the biggest change that she would bring to the Board if elected.

"I would really like to see more discussion held. Some times its easy to just get things taken care of right now and have it off of the docket. But sometime it can't happen that way and you have to slow things down and really evaluate the budget and take a look at what needed to be done.

"I would just like to have more time to think about it if and bring more discussion and let's bring people in and hear what they have to say because it going to affect a lot of people," stated Brown.

"I think a different perspective is something I can bring to the Board. I've had a lot of varied experience in business and with the County with the different communities. That perspective will help everybody in the County and having that knowledge of how to work with people of every economic and every age will just bring that different perspective.

"I look at things differently then the people who are on the Board right now just in the fact that I want to keep thing moving forward and in the right direction and not just moving to be moving," stated Brown.

Brown was also asked about her role at the CAEDC and if it would be a conflict of interest. "Not really, the only conflict that we have is funding that comes from the County and that is full discloser. Those funds help to fund this office and thats not the only funding. This question has been brought to me before. If I'm still here I would have to say I'm sorry but I can't vote on that because that would be a conflict of interest," replied Brown.

Brown describes how Supervisor Terry Graybill served as liaison on the CAEDC from the Board of Supervisors so that information got carried from one Board to the other. She stated that his role wasn't a conflict but as she is employed by the CADEC there would definitely be a conflict when it comes to funding from the County.

"Funding from the County is not the only funding that the CAEDC receives it's one of many we receive. We get money from cities, private businesses, and financial institutions also. So we have multiple funding sources, so I would have to abstain on anything regarding giving funds to the CAEDC from the County."

Brown believes that tourism and amenities would be some of the many incentives that can be brought to Cherokee County. "If we are going to bring young people in or young executives in we have to have things in place. We have great golf courses but we need to build some more trails. Health and fitness is a big thing right now. We have a wonderful Wellness Center but sometime it's nice to have the outdoor amenities for people.

"We have a lot of great natural resources here in Cherokee County. We also have our rural communities that we're not tapping into at all. We just went out east and the people out there; let me tell you, it's a completely different lifestyle. Its rush, rush, rush, a lot of traffic and a lot of people.

"I guarantee you that those people would love a vacation were they could come and get on a farm and see how life is different here and we're not tapping into that at all. So there are resources here that don't require a lot of building or a lot of funds, its just a matter of getting people to buy into it," said Brown.

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