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Basic Biittner: Giving Thanks for the 'Forgotten Holiday'

Monday, November 19, 2012

Every year at this time I get on my soapbox and bemoan the fact that the Thanksgiving holiday seems to get overlooked, falling as it does on the calendar between the increasingly over-hyped Hallowe'en celebration and the Christmas season, which - as far as the business community is concerned - seems to run for an 8 week period, starting on the day after Hallowe'en.

Lost in the shuffle is one of the most meaningful holidays we have - and I'm not talking about things like turkey, parades and football. I am talking about the real meaning of Thanksgiving; i.e., giving thanks for all that we have been blessed to receive.

Two years ago in my "soapbox" column, I hypothesized that perhaps Thanksgiving needed a catchy tune (a 'Thanksgiving Carol', as it were) or perhaps something similar to get people more fired up for that holiday celebration.

A good friend, who also happens to be a relative through marriage, submitted his original poem on the Thanksgiving holiday, and I again present it here for your consideration :


There is a special holiday

That follows Hallowe'en.

Quite many might guess Christmas,

But this holiday's in between.

It started in 1621,

The setting was Cape Cod.

To celebrate a harvest feast,

Where Pilgrims and Indians trod.

The Pilgrims were so thankful

That Squanto showed the way

To plant their corn and beans and squash,

Just right for harvest day!

The feast did last for many days,

And both sides ate quite well.

And both Indians and the Pilgrims took

The opportunity their stories for to tell.

Americans have come to know

Many blessings through the years.

Our freedoms came at a high price, though,

With much bloodshed and many tears.

Today, we still should celebrate

To honor both the dead and the living.

So let's never cease to celebrate

The holiday - Thanksgiving.

Ken Bahrke

Nov. 22, 2010

Dan Whitney
Basic Biittner