Newspaper advertising pays

Friday, February 1, 2013

In tough economic times, many businesses make budget cuts, just like the rest of us, in an honest effort to trim expenditures to help the bottom line.

At times, a business's advertising dollars are among those cuts, which can turn into a real Catch-22 because it's a proven fact that advertising products creates customers and brings people in the door.

Print media is long proven to be the most cost-effective advertising because it is literally placed in your hands, while radio and television ads can go in one ear and out the other, immediately forgotten.

With that fact in mind, we offer the Top 10 reasons to advertise in newspapers during tough economic times:

1. You're open! You still turn your lights on, why not invite people in? If you are open for business, you must market that business.

2. Opportunity. When the pool gets smaller, your visibility increases your odds of being the vendor of choice and seizing share from your competitors.

3. Reliability. Media mix is a desirable goal except during tough times when you need to rely more heavily on your base medium - Newspapers!

4. Proven Results. During tough times, your advertising needs to be focused on Return On Investment (ROI) and not other, less-effective options. Newspaper advertising is a proven ROI vehicle.

5. Fish where the fish are. Newspapers offer the best local reach and that means that newspapers are the first place to look for consumers for your services.

6. Tough customers. Be among the considered choices. The newspaper is the marketplace for shoppers and if you aren't there, you may not be considered as a choice for those who are buying.

7. Credibility. Advertising in a credible medium like the newspaper is an indication you are credible as well.

8. Bravado. Never show your fear. Advertising indicates confidence and success in your business.

9. Convert wants into needs. During tough times, consumers buy what they need and not merely what they want. It is up to you to convince consumers they need what you offer.

10. Start the funnel. Even if customers are not buying today, advertising is your opportunity to start people thinking about what is important to buy, and where they should buy it. It will always pay off later.