'Earth Day' - The environmental alarm clock

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 22 represents the 43rd anniversary of "Earth Day" - a day meant to focus our thoughts and renew our commitments to caring for this place we call home.

It calls attention to how we manage our lives to assure the health and vitality of our landscape and resources that we enjoy. Just like the clock in our bedroom that goes off in the morning to wake us for a new day - Earth day is the alarm going off to remind us of a new future.

This is an alarm clock not just for those who spend their lives concerned for the environment or natural resources. It is a wake-up call for everyone who lives and works in this great State and country.

Those in business know and recognize the need for a healthy and vibrant environment. Business success and future growth depends on an environment and society filled with a sense of stewardship and long term perspective for the land. For our youth it represents the time to learn and understand how they can be stewards concerned with the future or conversely, consumers without regard for the future natural world.

For retirees, the perspective is one of reflection of how they contributed to a positive future and a healthy world.

For all other employees and citizens, Earth Day is a day to consider the roles that they play in improving our quality of life and our environment.

The formula for failure for a long term healthy environment, at a minimum, contains these elements:

* A lack of knowledge, understanding or the desire to learn about our environment.

* Short term economics (extraordinary high return in short time frames) - lack of a long term perspective. This is often reflected in personal goals like "what's in it for me?" instead of "how can I help our country?"

* The feeling that "I don't have time" to learn, understand and change my lifestyle.

When the alarm clock goes off on April 22, will you take the time to "wake up" by readjusting (or continuing) your life to a commitment for an improved environment?

Or, will you continue to push the "doze" button, giving the day a casual commitment of passing interest and moving on with your life as it has been and without change.