Struck Strikes Out : An ode to Spring 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tire chains are on the golf carts, come out and play a round.

Ignore the snowin' and the blowin' and the frozen ground.

It's April after all my friend, and time to tee it up.

Crunch the drive, chip it tight, and sink that putt!

Layer on the Under Armor and colored balls preferred.

Find the ball and fire away at that bogey, par, or bird.

If you lose a ball in snow, please don't take it too hard.

Drop another, you're hitting three, just don't write that on your card.

Please stay on the cart paths and walk 90 degrees to your ball.

And you better swing a lofted club, the #@^&*% snow drifts are four foot tall!

It's all about course conditions, they can really take you to task.

But never fear, have another beer, or that antifeeze in your flask.

And the beer cart girl you leer at, may not be that much to see.

All adorned in a snowmobile suit, instead of a bikini.

Keep in mind it's early season, don't fret about the score you shoot.

Your big concern should be shoulder turn, and attaching soft spikes to your boots.

If you're late getting home and wife's cold as Nome

just let her be a grouch.

You got in a round of golf, man! What's one more night on the couch?

Besides, she'll get over it by morning, at least that's what people say.

But a word to the wise, don't be surprised if your clubs are for sale on e-bay.

And it may be grounds for divorce, preventing one to enter course.

No golf in their life? For a man and a wife? Tell me what could possibly be worse!