Protect that vacant business

Monday, June 17, 2013

For business owners, law enforcement agencies and such organizations as the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) can provide guidance on what business owners can do to protect their vacant property.

The IBHS recommends:

*Advise local fire and police departments that your building is unoccupied, and provide them with keys and/or contact information in the event of an emergency.

*Advise your premises alarm company of the vacancy, create new security codes, and update contact information.

*Install exterior and interior motion or timed lighting, to ward off potential animal infestation and criminal activity, and to give the appearance of occupancy.

*Change locks and/or install new tapered deadbolts if copies of exiting lock keys were given to prior tenants or vendors

*Remove hazardous materials from the property, such as pollutants, chemicals or combustible materials to prevent explosion, leaks, seepage or contamination.

*Take measures for the proper upkeep of the property to maintain the appearance of occupancy.

Then, sleep well at night knowing your vacant property is protected as well as it can be.