Reasons to consider kindness

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." --Plato

We face stress and negativity every day of our lives, be it from problems with the family, the job, the neighbor, the law, a pet, a distracted driver babbling on a cell phone, or perhaps a grouchy merchant you just dealt with. Whatever, stress and negativity can wreck what could have been an enjoyable and pleasing day, or experience.

In the midst of these hectic and trying times, it is important to remain ahead of pessimism's undertow by focusing on kindness to our fellow man. Here's why:

* Kindness maintains inner peace. Every time we practice kindness, compassion and unconditional acceptance of others, we are reinforcing it within and for ourselves. By creating greater harmony within yourself and in your relationships, you will contribute to creating a healthier, saner world.

* Life is brief. Time is precious, and wasting it in defense and attack, or in anger and fear, is regretful.

* No one can upset us unless we allow them to. We can choose to think rationally, feel calm, and act with consideration and empathy.

* Kindness is never wasted. Even if the person you are dealing with resists, you can learn to unconditionally accept yourself as well as others. Change for a lifetime is possible.

* Kindness is a dose of preventative medicine. It is a first-aid kit and a healing balm. It is the "cure-all."

Sounds like a good idea. Let's all try it.