Eat, don't mistreat

Friday, July 26, 2013

We concur with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) concerning the proliferation of "greased pig contests" in Iowa and other states.

As the state and county fair seasons fire up this summer, the HSUS urges residents to avoid one fixture - the greased pig contest - at many of the state's fairs.

According to the HSUS, "these cruel spectacles" involve coating a young pig with oil or shortening and setting them loose in a pen with human participants who are typically in a frenzy at the thought of catching the "terrified animal" for a prize.

"We believe that these events are inherently cruel," said a HSUS spokesperson. "Not only are the frightened animals subjected to unnecessary stress and injury, but children and all participants are exposed to extremely abusive activities and possible injury or illness."

According to the HSUS, some states have banned greased pig contests, yet they proliferate in some Midwestern states. "These contests encourage an insensitivity to and acceptance of mistreatment of animals in the name of entertainment," explained a spokesperson.

The HSUS points out that pigs are a vital part of the Iowa economy. Iowa is, after all, the leading hog producing state in the nation. The HSUS's "Care4Iowa" campaign promotes humane and sustainable agriculture, including the humane treatment of our farm animals.

Thusly, the HSUS maintains that if it's not acceptable to mistreat animals down on the farm, then it's not okay to mistreat them at the fair - or anywhere else.

We agree. Shower those future pork chops, hams, roasts, ribs, and sausages in TLC 24-7.