Making adjustments

Monday, February 3, 2014

Since the first oil crisis hit in 1973, the American consumer has experienced periodic surges in demands for more energy efficient products.

After each crisis fades, the demand for energy efficiency fades somewhat.

An oil crisis never fades entirely, each one is worse than the previous one and we have been duly notified that our reliance on fossil fuels is expensive and ultimately doomed.

Our enthusiasm for energy efficiency never fades entirely and each crisis brings out better technology and a willingness to make ever greater efforts toward the goal of saving energy.

The demand for gas guzzling vehicles has recently diminished but will not entirely go away.

Hauling around the soccer team will still take something more than a compact, car pooling in a large vehicle is more efficient than individuals driving separate vehicles and some jobs still require the use of full sized pickups.

However, both larger vehicles and smaller ones benefit by such technology as hybrid gas and electric engines, an initial extra cost that is getting more and more attractive not only because of the rising coast of fuel but also, the growing production is bringing the cost down.

Redundant back up energy sources such as wind power and solar power are also becoming more attractive.

Consumers need to keep up the pressure on America businesses to strive for ever greater energy efficiency.