National Wa-Tan-Ye week observed

Monday, March 10, 2014
Some of the many items that the Cherokee Wa-Tan-Ye club have put together to show some of many recent activities are on display at the Cherokee American Theater. Pictured, left to right, are Wa-Tan-Ye members Kathy Hupke, Linda McClaren, Shirley Beck, Janette Wilson, and Tiffany Christensen and two Junior Wa-Tan-Ye, Kylie Christensen, and Taylor Christensen. Photo by Mike Leckband

Members of the Wa-Tan-Ye service organization are out promoting the National Wa-Tan-Ye Week this week.

Last week, Cherokee Mayor Mark Murphy issued a proclamation declaring this week as Wa-Tan-Ye Week in Cherokee. As part of their promotion, the Wa-Tan-Ye invites the public to come and learn more about their organization through their display at the American Theater.

Wa-Tan-Ye is comprised of business and professional women with a desire to assist in the improvement of their community and to serve their fellowman.

Their objective is the giving of service in the community which they live and to unite the members in the bonds of friendship and mutual understanding.

Wa-Tan-Ye club was organized in Mason City in 1921 by Marie Barlow, who has since been known as "Mother of the Wa-Tan-Ye." In the spring of that year, luncheon clubs for men were being formed throughout the Middle West. Husbands, friends, and employers of business women were rapidly joining these new organizations.

While one of these clubs were being formed in Mason City, Marie Barlow conceived the idea that such a club for business and professional women would not be amiss.

Anxious to share her thoughts and plans with others, she called several of the prominent business and professional women of Mason City to a meeting, out of which developed the Service Club.

It was their desire that each member was to be foremost in her profession, so the word "Wa-Tan-Ye" was decided upon as the new club's name.

The Cherokee Wa-Tan-Ye club was organized in 1923, and current members are Shirley Beck, Mary Bofenkamp, Marci Brown, Mary Jo Carnine, Tiffany Christensen, Elaine Hollenbeck, Arleen Hultman, Kathy Hupke, Eleanor Johnston, Linda McClaren, Diane Onken, Phyllis Parrott and Janette Wilson.

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