Quality law enforcement shines

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We applaud area county and city law enforcement, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the Iowa State Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the prompt apprehension of the alleged suspect who terrorized the Holstein United Bank of Iowa employees and all neighboring communities in an armed robbery last week.

The impressive police work that followed led to the suspect's arrest and incarceration within 24 hours of the robbery in which a handgun was used and bank employees reportedly threatened with their lives.

While doing their too-often thankless jobs, our law enforcement personnel continually rise above the fray to "get their man" while risking their lives to ensure the public safety at all costs.

The expertise revealed in cracking this case is evident from the get go and offers us all a huge sigh of relief that the right people are in the right place doing the right thing to right such horrible wrongs.

Following their leads expertly and with haste, officers zeroed in on a list of suspects, culled that list by factoring in every detail they could cultivate, tapped their sources, linked the necessary information gleaned to connect the dots, and made their move with no trepidation to close in and capture the alleged perpetrator.

Be proud, Ida, Cherokee, and Woodbury County Sheriff's Departments, Iowa State Patrol, DCI and FBI, area city police, and emergency responders who answered the call!

Your actions and expertise in such a time of crisis exemplifies how fortunate we are to have you serve us and how important you are in our lives every minute of every day.