Please vote on Tuesday

Friday, October 31, 2014

By now, we have grown tired of what seems to be an endless roll of campaign commercials and attack advertising that has many believing this batch of political candidates are either incompetent, ill-equipped, or merely puppets on a string for big money barons and not-so-secret agendas.

We don't believe those extremes are accurate, but the accusations are enough to lead to voter apathy. However, apparently that's not the case.

We are encouraged that thousands of people in all 50 states have voted during the early-voting period at their polling sites.

That gives us hope that most of those registered to vote will be doing just that, either during early voting or on Election Day on Tuesday.

Many of those who vote say those who don't have a right to complain about the country's direction. After all, they had a chance to have a say in that direction but decided not to use it.

We agree, but beyond that, those who fail to vote are failing to honor all those who fought, were wounded or died to protect the freedom that grants all of us that right to vote.

We owe it to those in uniform today and those who wore the uniform yesterday to vote.

To put it in military terms, voting is more than just a right. It's our duty.

Please go to the polls Tuesday and vote for the candidates of your choice. The notion that one vote can make a difference rings true in every election.