Mutual restraint is needed

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

There are two types of reaction when early snow arrives.

There is the reaction that cannot be printed in a family newspaper and there is the "isn't it pretty" reaction.

The two different factions should show restraint when communicating with each other.

Snow is a fact of life in Iowa. It is beneficial for maintaining the water table and can provide an insulating layer to moderate the effects of a deep freeze. However, most people in this region are thinking this is too early for the snow season to start and the season will likely last too long into the spring.

The earliness of the snow is made all the harder to tolerate when accompanied by November subzero temperatures.

For those reading this paper in your winter residences in Arizona or Texas, try to restrain the understandable urge to exhibit smugness in communications with acquaintances in Iowa.

Those who are unenthusiastic about winter will go through the various stages of the season, season shock, some degree of becoming accustomed to the season and then winter weariness after the holidays.

The arrival of spring becomes all the more welcome following the tribulations of the winter.