Charity begins at home

Monday, January 5, 2015

Despite no-call lists, there are still many organizations that extensively use telemarketing to raise money.

Among the ethically questionable organizations are those that identify themselves with names that indicate support for law enforcement officers or firefighters on a state or national scale.

Chances are, none of the funds raised will have any benefit for local law enforcement agencies or fire departments. Organizations can legally call themselves charitable organizations even when most of the money raised goes toward raising money.

Only a fraction of the money needs to go for a legitimately charitable function to make the fund raising legal.

There are many legitimate charities that operate on a national scale. These legitimate organizations generally have local volunteers working with the organization. A good rule of thumb when considering donating to an organization that you know little about is to ask for a local contact.

If there is none, then you either need to find out more about the organization or ignore the organization's pleas for support.