An unlucky month

Monday, February 2, 2015

The 13th falls on a Friday this month as well as next month. Having Friday the 13th two months in a row can only happen when the 13th occurs in a February that isn't in a leap year.

Even people who aren't superstitious can consider February an unlucky month.

Most people who are employed are paid either with an hourly wage or with a salary that is weekly or every other week, meaning the more days there are in a month, the more the person earns during the month.

Some expenses are the same every month, such as rent, loan payments and some utilities. Other expenses, such as food and fuel, are totally based on use, so the cost averages out to about the same every day no matter how long the month is. Some utilities that have a base fee and a usage based charge are a little of both.

Some people have a salary that is paid monthly or twice monthly and is consistent every month. They benefit by a shorter than normal month, but they are a minority of wage earners, especially among those who have a low wage.

This editorial does not advocate any action to correct this situation. It only attempts to raise awareness for the people who dismiss the difference in monthly earnings in February as trivial.

To the people who live paycheck- to- paycheck, the difference is significant.