Rural treasures

Monday, February 16, 2015

Residents of big cities and their suburbs have many opportunities to be entertained by professional athletes, musicians, actors and other performers.

What we have available here may not impress the jaded inhabitants of metropolitan areas, but in important ways, what we have is better.

We are entertained by people we know. In a greater proportion than in urban areas, rural area resident participate in the entertainment.

Cherokee has an excellent community theater and there is an excellent regional symphony orchestra.

Most importantly, the youth of our community use their talents to enrich our communities.

Athletics, music, drama, fine arts and speech presented by local youth entertain us and strengthen the bond members of a community share.

Many youth activities that generate local pride. The high school sports teams work hard to show us their best on game nights.

River Valley students recently gave performances in dance and in speech. Washington High School and Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Future Farmers of America used creativity and knowledge to produce informational displays at the recent Ag Show at the Cherokee campus of WITCC. Alta/Aurelia has been a perennial powerhouse at state Jazz competitions.

Kids younger than high school also participate in entertaining activities. The CMS 8th graders created impressive exhibits that accompanied oral presentations at the Sanford Museum during a recent Science Fair.

Three middle school level teams participated in this year's First Lego League competition that included oral presentations and robot challenges.

This past weekend, numerous children presented a musical comedy at the Cherokee Community Theater. This was the culmination of weeks of rehearsal.

There is so much more that makes us proud to live where we live.

Thanks to all who share your talents and, especially, thank you kids!