After prom party deserves support

Friday, February 27, 2015

The members of an After Prom Party Committee, with generous support from local merchants, are planning an entertaining event at the Cherokee Middle School including a hypnotist, games and food.

Many years ago, prom night was a time when there was a considerable amount of underage drinking. There were also drinking related tragedies.

The after prom party idea gained popularity as a method to provide a sober alternative for after-the-dance fun. The goal is for adults to be present but as unobtrusive as possible.

The purpose of the after prom party extends beyond making the one night safer for the kids. The message conveyed is that adults in the kids' lives care about them and kids can have fun without alcohol or drugs.

Little will be accomplished if the message is just something that has an impact for one night. After all, these young people have reached an age when they will be increasingly making choices on their own about how they live.

They will not make perfect choices all the time. Some will make very bad choices, but adults need to do everything they can to make good choices seem like the most desirable choices.