Beware of 'grandparent' scam

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Iowa Attorney General's Office is reporting that a particularly heinous con artist scheme has resurfaced recently.

This is called the grandparent scam, with the con artist identifying himself (primarily males so far but that could change) as a grandson or other young relative in need.

According to the attorney general's office, : "The 'grandson' claims he's in another country and has landed in some sort of trouble. The story can include a car accident, an arrest, a mugging, or an emergency medical situation. The caller may even put others on the line who identify themselves as law enforcement officers, attorneys, bail bondsmen or medical professionals. A Grandparent Scam caller always claims an emergency need for money, insists that you to need to act quickly, and pressures you to keep it quiet. The criminal will try to convince you to wire the funds or deposit money into a prepaid money card account."

Do not be pressured into acting hastily or without positive ID. Don't underestimate a con artist's ability to research identifying details of your relatives.