DST is worth it

Monday, March 9, 2015

Remember last fall when we fell back an hour and darkness occurred close to the end of the work day then it got worse until the first day of winter, the winter solstice in December?

People generally don't like that jarring change to our routine. but when the country tried to maintain Daylight Savings Time, there was an increase in accidents, including fatalities, resulting from children walking to schools in the dark.

An alternative suggestion is to eliminate DST totally, but people would likely waste daylight staying in bed long after the sun came up if they didn't need to for work and school.

Farmers and come other independent workers can adjust their work day on their own to maximize sunlight hours but even they often need to adjust schedules around the patterns of other businesses,

Despite the inconvenience of the twice-a-year adjustments, they make sense. Of the two, the fall adjustment is the more difficult to accept.

Although getting up an hour earlier takes a few days to get used to, it provides a welcome brightness to our evenings.

It is our reward for the sacrifice we made last fall.